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Uniformed and a plainclothes police officers, restrain the man, third left, after the incident on Villa Beach on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023.
Uniformed and a plainclothes police officers, restrain the man, third left, after the incident on Villa Beach on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023.

A police officer in uniform lent a gun to another man on Villa beach, who used the weapon to threaten a woman, two people who witnessed the incident have told iWitness News.

The witnesses said that the incident occurred on the beach sometime around 4:30 p.m.

One of the witnesses said he saw the officer remove the magazine from the weapon and hand it to a person in civilian wear, who then put it in his waist.

The man then walked over to where the woman was and pulled out the weapon and threatened the woman with it.

One of the people who witnessed the incident contacted iWitness News and attempted to get the woman to speak to us.

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He said the woman tried to end the call and iWitness News could hear a female voice saying that it was “a personal matter”.

“How could it be a personal matter when he threatened you with a gun?” the witness could be heard saying over the telephone.

Another witness told iWitness News that one of the officers later called him over and asked if another man who had witnessed the incident was still on the beach.

The witness said he told the officer yes and they proceeded to discuss the incident. He said he asked the officer how they could do such a thing.

He said the officer responded. “It’s not me. It’s the other one. I am just a recruit”.

“So, he did confess to me that they did give the guy the gun.”

He said he also asked the woman whether she and the man were in a relationship and she said not anymore as he had threatened her.

The man said police officers from the Criminal Investigation Department later arrived at the beach and left with the man who had threatened the woman.

iWitness News contacted a senior officer about the incident.

The senior police expressed shock and said he would investigate it immediately.

The incident occurred on the beach on a day when police officers were dispatched to provide additional security in light of the fact that a cruise ship had called at Port Kingstown.

The incident comes as the country has recorded a recorded-setting 52 homicides this year.

In addition to those who have been killed, the vast majority by way of firearm, the country has recorded a number of shootings, including two on Saturday and two Tuesday night.

5 replies on “Cop in uniform ‘lends’ gun to man to threaten woman”

  1. nancysauldemers says:

    I look forward to hearing about the results of the investigation conducted by the shocked senior police officer.

  2. This is a rather interesting, we speak of persons (criminals) with guns, now we seem to know the source of these weapons, the police (some officers). The officer’s response of “I’m only a recruit”, does this mean he was given instructions by another officer senior to him?

    The CID left with the man who threatened the woman, why did they not leave with the officer who “lent” him the gun? Does this mean that only we the “civilians” get arrested for stealing oranges, however an officer, recruit or not, who has taken an oath to uphold the laws of the land can break those laws without penalty? Much like the alleged shooting of a man in his leg by a senator and an Assistant DPP? Or the allegations of rape which the gate keeper nolle prossed?

    Does this speak toward corruption at the highest levels?

  3. Are you surprised? A Junior Constable; Soleyn was recently charged for an alleged rape incident. Another one of the miscreants about security officials. Something is wrong with the screening system.

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