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Adbon Whyte says he is fed up waiting for a coroner's inquest into the death of his father, Customs guard Othneil “Money-Man” Whyte, who died on June 3, 2012.
Adbon Whyte says he is fed up waiting for a coroner’s inquest into the death of his father, Customs guard Othneil “Money-Man” Whyte, who died on June 3, 2012.
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Adbon Whyte says he is fed up waiting for a coroner's inquest into the death of his father, Customs guard Othneil “Money-Man” Whyte, who died on June 3, 2012.
Adbon Whyte says he is fed up waiting for a coroner’s inquest into the death of his father, Customs guard Othneil “Money-Man” Whyte, who died on June 3, 2012. (File photo)

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, April 11, IWN – A son of the Customs guard who died in the Union Island incident on June 3, 2012 says he is fed up of waiting for a coroner’s inquest to begin.

Police say that Customs guard Othneil “Money-Man” Whyte drowned during the incident in which Venezuelans aboard a boat reportedly opened fire on Whyte and a local police officer.

Three Venezuelans were shot and killed and another was injured during the incident.

On September 19, 2012, Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Colin Williams, ended attempted murder and attempted kidnapping charges against four of the Venezuelans, in addition to Customs violation charges against the captain of their vessel — “El Amigo Fay”.

But the Customs guard’s son, Abdon Whyte, said on radio Wednesday night that he is “getting fed up now.

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“I have reached to the point where you just don’t care … I can’t understand what’s going on. You see people commit crimes everyday or on a weekly basis, or however you want to look at it and locals, they go to court. Some of them end up in jail; some of them are freed. You want to tell me, up to this moment, a coroner’s inquest cannot start,” Whyte said.

He said the DPP was reckless in his decision to discontinue the charges against the Venezuelans “before you know exactly how my father died.

“If the coroner’s inquest is held and it is shown that the Venezuelans are responsible, what happens there?” Whyte stated.

He said he believes the coroner’s inquest is taking so long “because we are poor. “We are poor; we are just a small family from Union Island.”

He said that he is planning to write a number of articles.

Customs guard Othneil “Money-Man” Whyte died on June 3, 2012.
Customs guard Othneil “Money-Man” Whyte died on June 3, 2012.

“The first one will be this issue with my father and the fact that we are nearing close to a year (since his death) and we are planning a candlelight vigil and march on June 3.

“We would love to get all the support that is necessary to bring an end to this situation, because it is really getting … out of hand. We want closure for this whole thing…” Whyte said.

He further said that while the Government took responsibility for and paid for his father’s funeral, other monies due to them are outstanding.

“I think all that was received was some overtime that was due. But, as far as I know, a year’s salary was supposed to be paid. That was not done.

“Let us put it this way. Everyone received what they wanted except the family that lost the most. The police officer was promoted, the Venezuelan was released and sent back home,” Whyte said.

“I don’t want to say it’s because we are so far down in the Grenadines … I hope this is not a true reflection of how persons are threated by our justice system. And I am hoping and I am appealing to the DPP and to the Prime Minister (Dr. Ralph Gonsalves), he is the Minister of Legal Affairs…” Whyte further stated.

“My main focus right now — and that is my only focus — is looking out for my family and getting some closure into exactly what happened to my father on that fateful night,” he further said.

12 replies on “Son of dead Customs guard Othneil Whyte ‘getting fed up’ of waiting for coroner’s inquest”

  1. Don’t try that Peter. The policeman is my cousin and I saw what effect that incident had on him during, my last visit to SVG. I never asked him about it, because I noticed the pain. That’s another reason I refuse to write about the incident. His promotion is not to keep him quite. If there is a coroner’s inquest then he has to testify. We are glad he’s alive, but at the same time we share the sorrow of the custom officer’s family. This is a serious situation for a man to die in the line of duty.
    I do agree with the gentleman who lost his father. Why were the Venezuelans set free? How can there be justice if they do not appear in court? If it were the other way around Vincentian would rot in Venezuelan jail.
    This is the wrong message to send to other custom officers. Don’t sacrifice your life for a government that will not support you in dire situations. Custom and police officers should think first about self and family and let the criminal go. This government doesn’t give a damn about you – dead or alive.

  2. patrickferrari says:

    Two jumbies killed four people over soap powder. That is the deal, the outcome. Why do you think there hasn’t been a coroner’s inquest.

    Mr Whyte, I do not know these things but ask about/look into a writ of mandamus. The best of my knowledge it is
    a court order forcing an official, or officials to do their work, or to do a specific act.

  3. There was no gun fight, all the shooting came from the Vincentian side, no guns reported as recovered from the scene. Who ever was shot was shot by so called ‘friendly fire’. That is why the Venezuelans were released, and there is no coroner’s inquest, because the government may well be responsible for a shit load of compensation.

    PVPALMER, he may be your cousin, but he’s not mine. Perhaps you should talk to him and try and find out what happened. Because soap powder and Venezuelans washing there underwear is not a criminal offence. It is my belief that there was an overreaction which left people dead.

  4. patrickferrari says:

    Peterbinose, all you say is right. Hence the cock-and-bull about two convenient jumbies that boarded at the stern, out of nowhere, and conveniently disappeared into nowhere. Then, which moron would get rid of soap powder? Soap powder that the DPP passed off as “curious.” But, clearly, the Director of Public Prosecutions did not dare satisfy that curosity. Wouldn’t dare; it would be a Pandora’s box and his undoing.

    The DPP said that nobody can tell him how to do his job. That’s when I knew someone was directing the Director how to handle THIS job.

    The upside to no inquest (and my apologies to Mr Whyte for using “upside” with no inquest) is that they cannot find a jury immoral enough to sanction death by jumbies over soap powder. They cannot afford to let 1% of the truth out because that again would be enough to pry open Pandora’s box.

    Who is more the fool? The fools or the fools who think that everybody else are fools.

    Finally, Peterbinose, I do not think the government was involved in the way you loosely suggested. They were involved inasmuch as citizens of Chavez were involved – the Venezuelan cabal.

    One more final; am I anywhere near the ballpark with this writ of mandamus thing? Anyone.

  5. PATRICKFERRARI, I am an admirer of your weekly column. Thank you for your input, but i just cannot trust the government because the prime minister is a known, self confessed and proven liar, it is my opinion he is actually a serial liar.

    Whatever he says or tells us I do not believe until I see evidence of such from another source. It is also my opinion that like drug addicts and alcoholics, liars attract other liars and they all tell lies together, therefore I believe nothing from this government or the judiciary appointed by them.

    Nothing would surprise me regarding this matter, you can be sure we know nothing of the true situation as to what happened. And sorry Patrick but I believe I was spot on right and the government is more than loosely involved they are tightly involved, just for those Venezuelans going home with no charges whatsoever, and the reluctance to hold a coroner’s inquest.

    Remember they shafted Alban Bowman regarding his dear wife Patsy, and the coroner’s inquest, that was an absolutely disgusting matter, announced by the DPP, the ULP appointed Judge and Jury. Alban has had no justice, the opportunity stolen from him.

    In case we forget there are several matters that we require proven replies and responses to.

    1/ Customs guard Othneil “Money-Man” Whyte drowned during the incident, failure to hold an inquest or properly compensate the family?

    2/ Patsy Bowman? Dear, Dear Patsy Bowman.

    3/ The million US Dollars in cash that was taken to the NCB bank by a ULP, where did it come from?

    4/ The big ULP share out of US cash, where did it come from?

    5/ The issuing of a diplomatic passport to a non-diplomat called Morgan, who was caught carrying a kilo of cocaine whilst travelling on the same passport?

    6/ What was meant when Gonsalves told us he is here to finish the work of the dead Marxist Grenadian, Maurice Bishop?

    5/ Why was the Buccament project given to a known British bankrupt with no track record of developing a resort, and without any personal fortune?

    6/ Why was the same man given Vincentian citizenship?

    7/ Why are there still 60 farmers, land owners not been paid for there land at Argyle taken for the airport?

    8/ Why are Cubans doing the jobs of Vincentians at the Argyle airport, whilst Vincentians are starving.

    By the way Patrick did you read today’s news papers, there government workers who have not been paid since October 2012. I bet the fat man has been eating until he is close to bursting, whilst they and their children starve. That is what you call New Century Socialism.

  6. According to the report in the Searchlight Newspaper of June 05, 2012 The Prime Minister official statement was, “The vessel in question was hovering around outside and Mr. Whyte and Corporal Deshong went to find out what was going on. In the process, one of the persons who was on the vessel became violent towards the police officer; and in the ensuing matter, the police officer shot four of the nine persons who were on board…” Moreover, after the incident, “according to reports, the police officer ordered those on the vessel to bring the boat back to the dock…It was not noticed that Whyte was missing until the boat returned to the dock”… This is highly questionable.
    The onus surely lies with Corporal Deshong as to the predicament with Mr. Whyte. They went out together, and one came back without the other.
    Why haven’t we heard from Corporal Deshong? Did he make a statement to the Commissioner? If he did, is it confidential? There was never an investigation as far as I know. We need to know what really happened to Mr. Whyte.

  7. Page 3 of The Vincentian newspaper of June 15th 2012 by William ‘kojah’ Anthony……”PM speakes tough on organized crime………….”The vincentian prime minister pointed out that divers found cocaine tied to the ship’s anchor….. “The captain was taking them out to sea” Dr Gonsalves disclosed”. This was said at Largo Height at the RSS officers graduation ceremony.

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