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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, May 13, IWN – This country recorded another homicide on the weekend, bringing to five the number of persons murdered here over the last two weeks.

Reports say that a man who goes by the alias “Hammer” from Francois Village in the Vermont Valley was found dead on Sunday.

Initial reports are that he was shot and killed.

I-Witness News was unable to confirm this with the Police Public Relations Department as police spokesman ASP Jonathan Nicholls, who heads the department, has said that I-Witness News is not a media entity.

The killing in Vermont comes in the wake of the shooting death on April 28 of Andrew Ashton, 51, in Rose Place.

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On April 29, Helen Renita Fox of Lodge Village was murdered and ex-police officer Lionel Hoyte was charged with that crime.

Police are also investigating the murder of Devon “Jahjus” Steele, 33, who was gunned down on May 5 at Rose Place, Kingstown.

That same night, like Steele, Naphtali Diaz, 27, was felled by a bullet to the head in Paul’s Avenue, Kingstown.

No one has been charged in connection with the deaths of Steele and Diaz.

6 replies on “SVG records 5th murder in two weeks”

  1. Ok, so what? I think any concerned citizen has a right to ask question about issues like murder and theft that can and will affect their lives. What is the police jack-arse hiding? I am yet to see any transparent investigation in murders committed by a police in uniform. I haven’t heard of a police man being shot on the job – well except those shooting done by the police themselves. No citizen has shot or murdered a police, so why are the police so trigger happy and shoot to kill, even when their lives are not threatened?

  2. Maybe ASP Blake could solve these shooting death cases. Maybe she could trace the markings on the casings or find some hidden clue in the blood spatter, or pull out the mysterious “thing” from the dead man’s mouth..Maybe ASP BLAKE WILL LOOK INTO THE CAMERA, AND JUST BEFORE SHE PUTS ON HER DARK GLASSES, SAYS, PEOPLE, I AM NO HORATIO, BUT I MAKE THIS LOOK GOOD.

  3. OMG, I cant believe wat i’m reading. I saw Jahjus, and Naphtali. just a few days before I left SVG on May 1st, now these dudes are dead, may there soul rest in peace. But I must say these guys live by the gun. so they die by gun, its nothing to rejoice about when a man is fallen to his death, but I hope all these gun men learn from others misfurtune.
    All these guys I know who live by the gun.
    Gary-Scary Dem-Williams, Devon-Jahjus Steele, Naphtali Daiz, George-Bowbow-Smith, Brothers,( Dwight Stapleton and Elair Cuffy) , Spanny, Crimo. they all live by the gun and die by the gun. and its funny I know eevryone of them and i was friends with 5 of them. but i never used a gun in my life. i even went to school with 6 of them.

  4. PVPALMER, the answer is easy really. When the police shoot and kill someone, there is less paperwork, its less time consuming and less work in general, than if they arrest them and take them to court. Its much cheaper as well, to get the whole thing over and done with a bullet.

    If you ask some of these police, they will tell you its quite good fun as well, to shoot someone. Its good practice for when they may need to control a political mob in the future, when they get the orders to fire on the people.

    Remember, Gonsalves said “We will hunt them down until they exist no more” he denied in parliament that he said such a thing, until they brought a recording of him saying that.

    Remember I touched on all this when I wrote Vincention Police Out Of Control.

    Hardly a day go’s by now without someone complaining that the police beat them. When you get three police officers that almost beat a youth to death in the police interview room. Beat him unconscious, in a coma for a week in hospital. That was attempted murder, gross bodily harm, or at least something in that kind of category. Instead they were charged with a much lesser crime, the authorities expecting them to get off with that even. But they were found guilty, and then appealed and the convictions were upheld.

    Then the three police officers, now convicted felons are given back there jobs, which means we have criminals in the police force. What these officers did to this boy was an attempt to beat a confession from him, it was without doubt torture. The authorities re-employing these officers means that they support torture, making state torture in SVG a fact.

    I have asked on several occasions if these three officers were trained at the ALBA police and military academy in Bolivia, or in Cuba. Because that is what Maurice Bishop did, sent his police to Cuba and Russia for indoctrination and training in interrogation methods.

    Gonsalves has told us he is here to finish the work of Maurice Bishop, Bishop committed numerous crimes against humanity, and fraud against the IMF. I have asked on several occasions for Gonsalves to explain what he refers to when he says “I am here to finish the work of Maurice Bishop”.

    Remember Gonsalves is the Minister in charge of the police.

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