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The University of the West Indies Open Campus’ lecture series on national heroes in this continues on June 6.

That day, historian and lecturer Dr. Cleve Scott, will present the lecture “‘Who na no, na no!’: History writing and the epiphanic crisis of naming National Heroes in a Postcolonial Multi-island Nation State.”

The lecture, which takes place at the Lecture Hall of the Open Campus, begins at 6:30 p.m.

Scott will argue that what exists at the moment in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a crisis arising largely from a 10-year lapse in historical research on most of the persons being mentioned as candidates for national hero status, the Open Campus said in a release.

“The lecture will show how popular memory can distort history wittingly and unwittingly. Dr. Scott will also argue that the nature of the postcolonial multi-island nation state further complicates the issue of achieving consensus,” the release further says.

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The lecture forms part of a public education series organized by the Open Campus in collaboration with Joachim Associates and BDS Nice radio.

The lecture is open to the public.


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