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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, May 27 – The Young Democrats, the youth arm of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP), is calling for prayer for the nation, in light of the “recent increase in acts of violence taking place in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

“We recognize that in many cases, young people are both the victims and perpetrators of violence in our nation. As a result we are calling on the nation to pray for peace at this time.

We ask all young people in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to exercise restraint and to walk away from potentially violent situations. It is important to seek good counsel and to desist from acting irrationally,” Nick Francis, president of the Young Democrats said in a release.

“We are calling on the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to once again consider the Spiritual and Social Redemption Charter put forward by the New Democratic Party which lays the framework for intervention and positive youth empowerment in our nation.

“We believe that the youth are an asset to the development of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and therefore every effort must be made to ensure that they are the focal point of all policies and progammes to ensure their participation in the decision making processes of the country,” the release further says.

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This country has registered a number of shooting and other homicides over the last few weeks.

3 replies on “Young Democrats calls for prayer against violence”

  1. The entire nation is crying out for help, yet politicians seem to be ignoring them and the increase in crime. This is a job for the government and the opposition to tackle. Are these leaders waiting for their family members to become victims before they act?
    I think the youth group should take their message to the nation. They can ask them to join a demonstration against crime, irrespective of party alliance. The must keep the politicians out to avoid being tainted with NDP or ULP political brush.

  2. PVPALMER, they should forget all the prayers, and ask the Obiman to cast a spell. Remember he told us if he works Obeah, he only works Obeah for the Lord. I have been hoping he would appologise for saying that, but I am sure that will never happen.

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