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Lawyer Ronnie Marks posted on Facebook Monday night this photo of his bruised knee.
Lawyer Ronnie Marks posted on Facebook Monday night this photo of his bruised knee.

Vincentian lawyer and former senator, Ronald “Ronnie” Marks, has begun to collect evidence as he prepares to sue the New York Police Department.

Marks was arrested in New York Sunday night as he was conversing with another Vincentian who sought Marks’ help while being arrested, Marks has told I-Witness News.

Marks and two other Vincentian men were arrested, he said.

The lawyer has posted on Facebook his account of what transpired and photos of bruises he sustained during the arrest.

Several charges were brought against him, but when Marks appeared in court, they were “adjourned, in contemplation of dismissal”, meaning that if he is not arrested in six months, the case will be sealed.

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Lawyer Ronnie Marks. (Internet photo)
Lawyer Ronnie Marks. (Internet photo)

In a post on Facebook on Wednesday, Marks appealed to Vincentians in New York who were present during the arrest, saying, “we are in the process of initiating action against the NYPD for their criminal actions on that said night, we need statements from witnesses and any video footage that you may have to make out our case.

“Anyone who saw what happened or have any footage please contact Mr. Colin Liverpool, Esq., the SVG Consulate or Omari and Jen…”

Liverpool, a New York-based lawyer, was in the vicinity when Marks was arrested, and represented his colleague in court.

“We need your help or it would just be our words against that of the Police. Please don’t let them get away with this, we cannot do it without your help, now is the time to stand up for your rights and make sure that none of us have to suffer at their hands like this again. Facebook friends please forward this message and assist us in our quest for justice,” Marks further said in the post.

Marks, in a separate Facebook post on Wednesday, spoke of the impact of the incident on his young daughter.

“The hardest part of this ordeal was not my face hitting the pavement, it was not my shoulder being pulled out of place, it has not been sitting in a stinking filthy cell for hours or being crammed is a holding cell with robbers and gang members.

“The hardest part of this is having to try and explain to my 5 yr old Daughter that is was the Police that hurt her Daddy so badly, watching my little child wrestle through emotions from sadness to anger to confusion, that is the only thing that has brought tears to my eyes and has made this one of the worst experiences of my life,” Marks wrote on Facebook.

Marks was a senator for the ruling Unity Labour Party administration and is a community activist in Marriaqua, involved in the organisation of the constituency’s carnival and other cultural activities.

2 replies on “Vincentian lawyer arrested in NY begins to build case against NYPD”

  1. I hope you sort it out Ronny, it could be a mark against you getting future US visa’s if you don’t square it properley.

  2. I hope no one tries to compare this matter with that of Camillo Gonsalves when he in my opinion failed in diplomacy.

    Ronny Marks was attacked as a private person who tried to intervene in the taking up of a fellow Vincentian. He was acting as a Vincentian patriot.

    If he has the evidence he should take whatever legal action he can afford, or find a good US attorney to take it on a ‘no hay! no pay!’ basis.

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