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Opposition lawmakers walked out of Parliament mid-morning Tuesday after Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves decided to wind up the debate on the 2014 Budget, half way into what was expected to be the first of five full days of debate.

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6 replies on “Video: St. Vincent Opposition walks out of Budget Debate”

  1. The Jokes Keep on coming. So the Government was waiting for the Opposition to present the budget? Hahahah. is the ULP government for real, I didn’t even expect this level of stupidity from the government, but this is just sad. Why didn’t the other Ministers get up to present for their respective ministries? Are these guys for real?

    News flash guys, you are not paid to just dress up in suits and smile, hug people and take pictures. You are being paid to look after the business of SVG. Thousands of Vincentians were waiting to here about the direction the country is heading are gravely disappointed. If you all can’t even talk for yourselves like men, then you are being paid for nothing and are nothing more than a drain on our resources.

    I guess since you all know you are on your way out, it doesn’t matter to present anything budget. We get the message loud and clear, and the next election out you all going.

    Shame and Disgrace

  2. The questions to be asked in this case are:

    Is this the first budget the NDP is debating?
    Don’t they know that if they don’t sand up to debate, the the PM would wind up the budget?
    Was this a deliberate act?
    Was the NDP lawmakers prepared to debate the budget ?

  3. Kardonpar, Ask the government ministers the same questions and then you can questions the opposition if they don’t respond.

  4. I take note of Mr Leacock’s interview with Iwitness news, he said that he has to await the Minister to speak and he will respond as shadow Minister. As far as my memory serves, he shadows the Ministry of National Security that is headed by the Prime Minister, since the Prme already spoke his escuse is very poor.

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