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Opposition politician Curits Bowman. (Internet photo)
Opposition politician Curits Bowman. (Internet photo)

A close relative of disgraced former diplomat, Edson Augustus, accosted Curtis Bowman, the opposition New Democratic Party’s candidate for Marriaqua, at the Richland Park Seventh-day Adventist Church on Saturday, the politician has confirmed.

Bowman did not detail the incident, but said that the woman is also a member of the church and that he has reported the matter to their pastor and the police.

“I don’t want to get involved again with that issue,” he told I-Witness News on Sunday.

“I have met with the pastor to discuss the issue and I also reported it to the Mespo police station,” he further said.

I-Witness News understands that the development was in connection to an article a newspaper published last week in which comments attributed to Bowman were published.

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I Witness News understands that the female relative of Augustus approached Bowman at church on Saturday, telling him, “Shake this hand! Shake this Labour hand!”, and that she wanted to discuss something with him.

Bowman was said to have been leaving church before the service ended when the woman accosted him and accused him of being “wicked”.

But when the politician tried to evade the woman, she pulled his jacket, I-Witness News was told.

“She was really out of place and seemed to have wanted to fight,” a witness told I-Witness News.

Several persons are said to have witnessed various stages of the confrontation, including passers-by and patrons at a nearby rum shop.

Bowman is said to have taken refuge in a passing truck, asking the driver to take him away from the scene.

The woman is said to have waited for the politician outside of him home and he drove by his house several times waiting for her to leave.

Augustus, who was appointed in May 2011, three months after resigning as an SDA pastor, was recalled last month.

The government said he admitted to taking money from persons in the United States and promising to help them to secure U.S. Permanent Residents Card, commonly called “Green Card”.

The former diplomat returned to St. Vincent 10 days after his recall, met with Government officials and left the country again that same day.

Bowman lost the Marriaqua seat to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Girlyn Miguel of the Unity Labour Party.

He has been named as the NDP’s candidate to contest the seat in the next general elections, constitutionally due at the end of next year.

6 replies on “Politician says relative of disgraced envoy accosted him at church”

  1. Allan Palmer says:

    This is evidence of the shame that Augustus bring on his family. I will tell you this, they knew of his unethical behavior as a minister of the Gospel/religion all along. Did they tell him to change his ways and be a good pastor. If they did they would not have been suffering from the Guilt they are now experiencing.

    Now it seems it is an offence against the Augustus Family if you exercise your right and discuss issues at they unfold as it relates to Augustus’ behavior. The behavior of Gussies family may just be where he get his lawless behavior from.

    Mr. Bownam We are all members of the SDA SVG and you have a right to discuss anything it has to do with this matter. Let Augustus family know that Augustus did not only bring shame on them he brought it on every God fearing Seventh Day Adventist and all Vincentian. Yes I am experiencing shame as a result of what Augustus did. Bowman, I expect you to go to the media and let us all know they apologize when they do so. Peace brother and good luck.

  2. it is a shame how politics can divide a church and community. Imagine they are all members of the same church, but because of politics there is division and anger.
    It is indeed a shame.

  3. “The woman is said to have waited for the politician outside of him home and he drove by his house several times waiting for her to leave”…wait a minute, am I to believe,a grown arse man was afraid to go into his house for fear of the “labor hand?”…Muddahwuk

    Them feel say through them go a church their sins
    Don’t need forgiving, forgiving
    Them really gone from bad to worse with them
    Your careless living, living

    She all ah tell mi about the one Deacon
    Who ah drive the big Benz ah where him get money from
    That’s why nobody nah want give no collection
    Now see the church roof ah leak ah wah him really deh pan

    [Lyrics from church heathen]

  4. Curtis Bowman candidate For MARRIAQUA UNFIT FOR THE POSITION

    Curtis Bowman NDP Representative for Marriaqua is not fit for such an office. He is childish and do es not know the difference between political matters and national matters. If the candidate can take trivial matters and say he is trying to make political mileage from it then NDP needs another candidate. There are so many other important issues for him to write about and to put on I- witness news and the news paper but he is so childish that he can only see childish things..
    Imagine this young man wants to take care of a Contstituency with over 5000 adults plus children and he can’t even take care of his own affairs. […]
    Let’s wait to see if he will use any Pharmaceuticals from his pharmacy to use as bait to campaign this time when elections is called.
    The candidate does not socialize with people in the community. As a matter of fact persons of his kind has expressed verbally that the only thing they like in the negroes is their ‘black shoe’. And these are the same people the candidate wants to pretend He loves and want their votes. The candidate like most politicans just want to get there to build his business and help immediate relatives. People of his kind do not genuine love negros which represents the majority of Marriaqua.
    He is not fit tp be a candidate. Marriaqua wants people who love them not people who pretends. If he is treating our own brother of the same religious faith like that who else will he not treat so. Mind you, if it was another of his kind regardless of what they would have done he will never speak, write or put such matter on face book, newspaper or even mention it to any one else anywhere. That is something us negroes must learn to do.
    People of Marriaqua keep your head on. Never let that candidate get a chance. Lets him learn his place and learn to take care of his home and own relatives first.

    Concerned Marriaqua Voter.

  5. The freedom to speak in St Vincent is protected under the Constitution. Yet there is a verse in the Book of Job that says something like “O that I may be silent, it shall be my wisdom”. For those of us who have no sin and are looking down on a fallen brother it my prove instructive to remember that we should not look down on a man unless we are going to pick him up.
    I am deeply saddened to read that the Augustus saga is expanding it reach further into the church body. it is painful enough to think about the shame all of us have felt when the story broke. then just as one would have thought that there was a little respite, the story surfaces again through the injudicious acts of other SDA members.
    I wish to God that we all will heed the counsels of Ezekiel and sigh and cry for the iniquity that is found amongst professed children of God. Let us direct ourselves and our fallen brothers to the cross and hear Jesus say where sin abounds, grace much more abounds and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. The God that saved King Manasseh can save all of us. Hallelujah! Praise ye the LORD!

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