The large bush fire, pcitured here from downtown Kingstown, continued into Monday night.

A family of two was left homeless Monday afternoon at Sion Hill in East Kingstown as a raging bush fire destroyed their wooden house.

Reports say it is the second time in years that that family has lost their home to a bush fire in the area overlooking capital city, Kingstown.

I-Witness News understands that the fire started mid- to late-afternoon close to the middle of the dried forested area between Upper Sion Hill and Kingstown Hill.

The fire initially traveled in a northwest to north-northwest direction (assuming the position at the Cenotaph in Kingstown).

At the top of the hill it destroyed the wooden dwelling house then moved across to the right (east) still burning upwards and also spreading downwards causing private homes on both sides to come under threat.

The lone fire tender stationed at the Central Police Station in Kingstown concentrated more at the top of the hill as the houses there appeared to be under greater threat.

Lack of proper or adequate fire fighting equipment added to the already terrible challenges, such as terrain, that confronted the fire-fighting team.

There was no report of anyone having sustained injury as a result of the fire.

The fire was brought under control about five hours after it started.

Firefighters have responded to several bush fires over the past months as the country saw an extended dry spell that has resulted in the rationing of water in several efforts.

Both firefighting and forestry officials have repeated their call for person to desist from starting bush fires.

3 replies on “House destroyed as fire razes Kingstown hillside”

  1. The lone fire tender stationed at the Central Police Station in Kingstown ( to serve the entire capital city ) , but never mind we are constructing an international airport and expecting up to one hundred flights per day .
    My sympathies goes out to the family that lost their home for the second time, we will be soon begging china for two more fire trucks .
    Elections coming soon time to start asking for a new house remember to promise them your vote and hope it don’t get burn again after the elections . ( make sure you get wall for your promise ) .

  2. Way the tail is this. Fire anal? So we have flood, fire, plague (in the form of mosquito virus), Water running low (drought), and death every week. I don’t believe in superstition but something is happening in SVG. SVG is getting too much damage now man. Pray and stop all the wickedness in SVG.

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