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Brig Unicorn

The Brig Unicorn sank while on its way to St. Vincent for repairs. (Internet photo)

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The Brig Unicorn, the St. Lucia “pirate” ship that was used in the filming of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, sank off Georgetown, St. Vincent on Friday, a senior police official has confirmed to I-Witness News.

The official was yet to receive a full report on the incident, but said local coastguard responded to the vessel and rescued its crew.

Some 10 persons were said to have been on board, namely nine crewmembers and the captain.

The Caribbean Media Corporation has reported that the vessel was heading to St. Vincent from St. Lucia for repairs when it encountered difficulties and sank.

No one was injured.

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The ship was used in the filming of all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, some of which were filmed in St. Vincent.

The Brig Unicorn, a softwood schooner was built in Finland in 1948.

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