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The views expressed herein are those of the writer and do not represent the opinions or editorial position of I-Witness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

We are aware that PM Gonsalves is a liar. He actually told us so himself.  So I suppose writing a letter and pretending it came from someone else would not be beyond his capability. After all, it’s perhaps just kind of another lie.  So would that not be acceptable behaviour on his part, at least to him if not us?

They say no one likes a liar, but on his part yes they do. Why?   Because he told us so, when he told us the Vincentian people love him.

When the article “New law in St Vincent exonerates corruption” appeared on Caribbean News Now

was told and verily believe it to be true, told by someone one removed from the table, there was absolute panic and it was top priority to get a letter published countering the article the very same day.

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I have read the letter supposedly from Hans King and compared it with a story “Changes to Passport Law Will Not Exonerate Illegal Activities” published by I-Witness News.

So I printed both off and carried out what a court would describe as  “forensics that can identify or narrow the possible sources of the document”. If they were hand written the task would be simplified.

A phrase from the Hans King letter   “Scaremongering and falsehoods by internet crazies”  as follows

“The NDP’s false allegation is a species of propaganda straight out of the play-book of the Nazi propaganda chief, Goebbels, who took the immoral position that if one repeats a lie persistently the unsuspecting would accept it as the truth.”.

A phrase from “Changes to Passport Law Will Not Exonerate Illegal Activities”, as follows, “He accused the NDP of using ‘a Goebbels-like technique — to speak falsehoods, repeat the falsehoods frequently enough and loudly enough and they believe that people would believe it’.”

Now my belief is that Gonsalves wrote the letters purportedly written by Hans King. Why do I believe that?  Because I believe that Hans King would not even know who Goebbels was. Who was Goebbels?

Goebbels was one of Adolph Hitler’s closest associates and most devoted followers. He was known for his zealous orations and deep and virulent anti-Semitism, which led him strongly to support the extermination of the Jews when the Nazi leadership developed their “Final Solution”. In simple terms, Goebbels planned, arranged and organised for the extermination –the murder — of millions of Jews in the cruellest possible way.

To compare any person, anybody or any association or political party with Goebbels is a very deep insult, and is in my opinion, when used in such a way meant to damage the standing of recipient/s of the insult. In my opinion it can be nothing less than libellous, perhaps criminally so. In the case of Gonsalves as a solicitor he would have been fully aware of that when writing such a thing.

It’s also my considered opinion that Gonsalves would know exactly who Goebbels was, Gonsalves hails from Portuguese Jewish ancestry and as such I believe he would know exactly who Goebbels was and what he did. As a world traveller and having mixed with the Iranians, he would most certainly have brushed up on the holocaust matter and all those Nazi’s involved, because his friend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at one time Iranian president, denied the holocaust ever happened.

What a disgraceful thing to do, to compare any Vincentian with Goebbels. Once again Gonsalves is insulting not just us black people, but all Vincentians black and white.

There are many similar sentences and phrases in both documents, some almost identical, but both being about the same subject perhaps there would be.  The things that stand out like a sore thumb are the references to Goebbels in both the documents. It stands out because it has nothing whatsoever to do with the subject. One may say in defence perhaps, both their great minds think alike, my reply to that is, what great minds?

PM Gonsalves, I ask you, did you write the letter?  Will you apologise and withdraw your remarks about Goebbels? Will you apologise both to the Vincentian people and to the NDP for your disgraceful and spiteful choice of words?

It has got to stop.

Let’s ask ourselves this question: if the boot were on the other foot, would he sue?

Peter Binose 

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

12 replies on “Did Gonsalves write the letter signed by his press secretary?”

  1. Helena R. Edwards says:

    I am finally convinced that I know the identity of Peter Binose. Every writer has a particular writing style. I am very familiar with Peter’s writing style. This is funny because “Peter” is again condemning Gonsalves for something “Peter” is herself doing here… The irony is hilarious, lMBO

  2. Brian Alexander says:

    Helena, you and I do not normally agree, but in this case, I applaud your insight into this Peter Bignose guy.

    I appreciate the fact that you “know” that SHE is Female.

    I am not so sure myself, but kudos to your recognition of Bignose’s IRONY!

  3. Makes no difference to me, female or male. Peter Binose can better be described as a “foreign agent provocateur”. A Destabilize, Paid informant, Propagandist, Imperialist running dog, Crook, Fabricator, etc, and worst of all “enemy combatant”…hated by all admired by an insignificant few.

  4. Marlon Mills says:

    As Hitler’s main propagandist, Goebbels used a series of tactics to aid Hitler’s ambitions to control every facet of German life and made complete use of all technical means of dominating Germany under Hitler’s rule – just as Gonsalves is attempting to do in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

    Like Goebbels, Gonsalves has been and continues his attempts at controlling the media to present a unified view of the Unity Labour Party administration. Therefore, no opposition voice is to be tolerated and critics must be silenced at all costs. If he doesn’t like a particular article, the editor or whoever is in authority will receive a call. If compliance with the Prime Minister’s wishes is not achieved, threats are likely to follow and ultimately the justice system is used to mute the voice of the media, as is seen in the case of Nice Radio. Goebbels actually outlawed the use of radio at one point during Nazi control over Germany.

    Since the Internet is proving to be challenging for Gonsalves to control the voices of his critics, he has resorted to another of Goebbels tactics to deal with that situation by promoting stereotypes, hence the reference to people who discuss politics on the internet as ‘internet crazies’. This tactic has long been used by Gonsalves to discredit critics. As an example, when he was challenged by the Friends of the Tobago Cays, we were labelled as ‘malignant’, ‘liars’ and ‘dishonest’. Media professionals were referred to as ‘chattering nabobs’ and other critics referred to as ‘unschooled’ and ‘untutored’, ‘lazy’, and all sorts of other unsavory titles too numerous to mention here.

    Goebbels once stated that “it is not propaganda’s task to be intelligent, its task is to lead success”. That is, control over the German people. He also acknowledged openly that he was exploiting the lowest instincts of the German people – racism, xenophobia, class, envy and insecurity. Sounds familiar?

  5. Brian Alexander says:

    What planet does Marlon Mills live on?

    Didn’t Marlon Mills see the latest stats put out by Amnesty International where St Vincent is rated #18 in the entire world, as far as Press Freedom is concerned?

    St Vincent, under the Honourable Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves, is MORE TRANSPARENT than the USA, UK and Canada! Marllon Mills, put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    In fact, this has been the report for the past 5 consecutive years . She should have known that! The problem however, is that Marlon Mills belongs to the HATE RALPH SCHOOL.

    It matters not what Ralph Gonsalves does – – Marlon Mills will faithfully HATE THE PM.

    Ralph Gonsalves could obtain 12,500 more laptops for Vincentian students. Marlon Mills will hate.

    The Vincentian Prime Minister could build houses FREE OF COST to our citizens who lost theirs in the December floods. Marlon Mills will still hate.

    The PM could supply stoves, fridges and mattresses for our unfortunate people. Marlon Mills will still hate.

    Ralph Gonsalves could institute a land reform program in SVG, the likes of which we have never before seen. Vincentians could obtain land for 10 cents per sq ft. As far as Marlon Mills is concerned, she did not see, she did not hear, she did not know. Marlon Mills will still hate.

    Ralph Gonsalves could be named by the USA as being the MOST INTELLIGENT Prime Minister in the entire Caribbean. Marlon Mills will still hate.

    Ralph Gonsalves could obtain the majority of the votes in St Vincent over the last 4 elections. Marlon Mills will still hate!

    There has to be a special place in hell for Marlon Mills!

  6. Earl Richardson says:

    This Peter Binose is one of the most hysterical and delusional so called journalist I have seen for a while.
    His insatiable persistence to write the bile he does is beyond belief! Does he not read his own works before putting them in public domain? I am sorry I take that back because if he had ever read one of his dire tripe he would most definitely not be submitting any other bile!

    Calling the leader of the nation a liar so publicly by misrepresenting his words spoken earlier is rather pathetic and frankly disgusting! I put it to this Mr Binose that indeed he is the liar as most of his rants are based on hear say and mere speculation!

    Time to farm out this pseudo journalist and put some young blood there as without doubt they can’t possibly be any worse than Mr Binose!!!

  7. Now Peter becomes the topic! Why do we stray from an issue, by including things that have no bearing on the topic?
    I am not sure if Ralph wrote the letter. However, did it answer the question being asked about the changes to the passport laws? Are there folks who should be in jail, but because of the changes they will go free? Did some government supporters, including senators and ministers abuse the passport system?
    The more you think about it: The recent visa clamp down on SVG nationals may have some links to the passport issue. The Canadian claim of SVG nationals coming back to Canada using different names, is pointing to some underhand deals, by people with access to passport issuing environment. This has nothing to do with the NDP. ULP is trying to change the tune to avoid coming clean about their abuse of the passport system

  8. Peter Binose says:

    Dear Hellena

    Does this mean that like yourself I am sitting on a fortune and didn’t know it, can I now be as rich as you?

  9. Marlon Mills says:

    Brian Alexander or whoever you are, I really would have expected a little more intelligence on your part. Allow me to remind you that ‘he who lays the piper plays the tune’. Our politics is governed by the people who fund election campaigns and the computers are really just to mobilise politics. If the foreigner was so well intentioned he would have distributed them via a non political, non partisan local NGO rather than the ULP style government machinery whose only intention is to use the computers as political handouts to get votes.

  10. Brian Alexander says:

    Let us say that the PM is the one who wrote the letter.

    What difference does it make if his Press Secretary signed it?

    In politics, the author of a piece, is not necessarily the one who delivers it.

    Don’t these clowns know that sometimes OTHERS WRITE speeches for the Prime Minister or President?

    Again, I ask what difference does it make who writes an article?

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