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From left: Journalists Junior Jarvis and Kenton X. Chance and Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar.
From left: Journalists Junior Jarvis and Kenton X. Chance and Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar.
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Which of these journalists do you think is speaking ‘in defence of press freedom”? The first voices are those of journalist Kenton X. Chance and Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar, and later journalist Junior Jarvis and Caesar.

A controversy erupted in the aftermath of comments Jarvis made about “someone who operate a blog” (Chance) being invited to a press conference intended for print media. (Chance operates the website I-Witness News – and is also a correspondent for regional news agency the Caribbean Media Corporation, which provides news articles to websites and newspapers.

Jarvis later said he spoke on behalf of the non-print media, in defence of press freedom.

Some persons have interpreted Jarvis’ comments to be an objection to Chance being at the press conference. What do you think?

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10 replies on “AUDIO: Who spoke in ‘defence of press freedom’?”

  1. Peter Binose says:

    It appears to me that the Government have more control over some sections of the print media, a control that they lack over the online media.

    Perhaps that is why they would like to exclude online media.

    Media is media, there can be no division in who reports the news, any such exclusion of the online section is a clear interferance with news reporting.

  2. Where is the audio Kenton?

    Now when you act hurriedly in this manner with your “Breaking News” story, mistakes can occur. Further you’re implying that “…Some persons have interpreted Jarvis’ comments to be an objection to Chance being at the press conference”… that’s not true! Interpret my foot. July 24, 2014, you wrote and I quote “A senior reporter at one of the nation’s newspapers told Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar on Wednesday he is “disappointed” that I-Witness News was allowed to attend a media briefing…” he said …“First of all, I got the impression that this was supposed to be a meeting for the print media. While I don’t have a problem with other media houses being here, but I think it gave an unfair advantage to somebody who operates a blog … I don’t think they respect the — what I believe is the concept that you wanted the print media … (and you ended it there. Why?) Junior Jarvis, senior reporter at Searchlight newspaper told Caesar”. In response to Junior’s question you said Saboto Caesar said “yes”… meaning the meeting was for print media only; and the other bit you left out. Then you said Junior said, “that is the reason why the television stations were not allowed to attend the press briefing, to which the Minister responded, “Right.” In closing Junior said “I would like to put on record my disappointment that that was allowed,”… meaning what? That Junior Jarvis objected to you being there, as you implied; certainly not! Get a grip Kenton.

  3. Kenton lets get something straight. In your earlier post you had no link to the audio clip, then you reposted and included the link…but you haven’t acknowledged that eh? Now you include my comment after I brought this to your attention almost 4hrs ago, trying to make me out as the idiot? What’s up Kenton?

  4. I wonder what is this concept that only one genre of media can buy into and grasp. There seems to be an exclusive, perfect understanding between the Minister and Mr. Jarvis. What is missing here?

  5. PKnight,

    Thank you for your comment. The audio was embedded before publication. We are not sure why was not visible to you, but appreciate your telling us this.

  6. Bassa Bassa everywhere in SVG, let me quote one of my favourite calypso song. “It make me ball, what is this at alllllllll”. Freedom of the press, if SVG hasn’t heard of such a thing then we are in big trouble. This search light guy is living in the stone age, printed paper is good, but it also pollutes and use paper when we clearly don’t need to anymore, when I am walking around with my Nexus 5 reading IWN, tell me how I can do that with your printed paper. IWN is a news site, calling it a blog is not going to make it a blog, news is far more interactive online anyway, and more breaking.

    IT sound like you would rather go on the street corner every friday and shout “EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT” With your breaking news that is a week old. And compare to the old school ways of doing news, you are not a bonafide news source unless you have an “extra” boy shouting at the top of his lungs, so by whose stick are we measuring what is news and what is a blog?, I hope it’s not the searchlight’s, because we would be in even more trouble by then. Things change and evolve and so has the news, get with it or be left behind.

  7. Well clearly from this clip Kenton is wondering about the others and Junior is thinking there were too many present.

  8. After listening and analyzing the audio it is clear Jarvis’ comments were an objection to chance being there, and is not defending press freedom. Thanks to IWN for keeping me updated on news happening in SVG.

  9. If we allow governments to control the media then we are in trouble. Germany when Hitler took over and other similar scenarios are there to remind us of government lies and false interpretations. It doesn’t matter how the population know the facts and by what means. What is necessary is that they are aware of the truth. Many people depend on the Internet for the news, however many IT outlets ask folks to go to their website for a more comprehensive details on the topic.
    It’s always good to hear how others view a story. I always bought 3 different newspapers when Ali fought. I wanted to see how each writer viewed the fight. It was refreshing and gave a clearer view of the fight.

  10. Margaret London says:

    Was there something to hide? Does Junior Jarvis smoke weed or drink alcoholic beverages? Imagine Junior Jarvis saying “I WOULD LOVE TO PUT ON RECORD”. What’s the difference really between a blog and journalism? What really is the difference between a BLOG and Print media? Isn’t a BLOG printed? Man I tell you Junior Jarvis is nothing but a ‘HEWER OF WOOD AND A CARRIER OF WATER” in King Ralph’s court!!!!!

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