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PM Gonsalves, centre, fist-bumps a man after the ULP's candidate selection meeting in Vermont on Saturday. (IWN photo)
PM Gonsalves, centre, fist-bumps a man after the ULP’s candidate selection meeting in Vermont on Saturday. (IWN photo)
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The Unity Labour Party (ULP) is confident that it can once again defy history and become the first government in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to come back from a one-seat majority and win the next general election, constitutionally due in December 2015.

The Unity Labour Party, which came to office in 2001, won the 2005 and 2010 general election, each with a reduced number of popular votes.

The party won eight of the 15 parliamentary seats in 2010, while the remaining seven went to the New Democratic Party (NDP).

“Well, you see, I will tell you this, the 8-7 before, the one with James Mitchell in 1998, you must not forget, they only won 45 per cent of the vote. We won 52 per cent of the vote,” Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, who is also political leader of the ULP told reporters recently.

He said that when the Joshua government had a one-seat majority, the Labour Party had far more votes than the People’s Political Party.

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“This is the only 8-7 situation in which you have the party with 8 [seats] has 52 per cent of the vote,” Gonsalves said, adding, “And, by the way, no political party which had ever had 8-7 has ever survived more than two years after the election.

But when it was pointed out that the number of popular votes for the ULP has declined with each successive election, Gonsalves said:

“Yes, decline, but we won. The NDP had the advantage with the referendum wind behind their back, and, at the end of the day, they just couldn’t make it,” Gonsalves said.

He was referring to the 2010 general election, which came one year after the NDP convinced the electorate to reject in a referendum, proposed changes to the Constitution.

“And they are worse off now. You notice how defensive Eustace was Tuesday night in Campden Park,” Gonsalves said of Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace’s speech at the NDP’s “Ring De Bell” meeting in South Leeward on Aug. 22.

“The only man who spoke about he is eminently qualified is Eustace himself,” Gonsalves said.

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“Imagine this man is an MP for 16 years was Minister of Finance for two and a half, he was prime minister for five months, been Leader of the Opposition now for more than 13 years, and he is the only man talking on his platform about he is eminently qualified. Their platform is empty and the people realise that,” Gonsalves said.

Gonsalves said the NDP has been “battered very severely” after he was booed at the funeral of former NDP radio talks show Elwardo “E.G.” Lynch in Georgetown on July 19.

He further said that at the meeting on July 22 MP for West Kingstown, Daniel Cummings, “was introduced as the man who stoned a church, as though that is something to be proud of”.

The ULP is currently selecting candidates, and this month picked Carlos James and Sen. Jomo Thomas, both lawyers, as its candidates for North and South Leeward.

“Be assured, the party will have all of its candidates in all of the seats in good time, and while Eustace and Patches and the NDP are engaged in entertainment in relation to ring the bell, and Julian involved in entertainment — because he did it at a tent — there is only one man in the country who rings the bell, and that is the comrade,” Gonsalves said.

The NDP will today hold a “Ring De Bell” anti-corruption protest march in Kingstown.

10 replies on “ULP will defy history again — Gonsalves”

  1. Urlan Alexander says:

    It is either Ralph Gonsalves is in self denial or he is completely delusional. PM apart from the fact that you had no right at EG funeral the booing you got is to show that people are fed up of you and tactics of intimidation that you once used so well is no longer working. You claimed that you will defy history…you are definitely not serious. With the rampant corruption accusations within your government looming so large you have to be sick to believe that Vincentians will vote you back into office. The economy is in its worst shape ever. You are having serious cash flow problems. Agriculture is on its knees because of you. You and Gomery Daniel deliberately killed banana. When was the last time you offered any ray of hope for SVG? The national debt is increasing day by day. You cannot even provide counter part funding for capital projects. The hospital is a killing ground. Basic medicine is a luxury. No x-rays and other basic functions can be carried out at the MCMH. Amarjaro gone leaving the cocoa farmers stranding; thanks to your dirty tongue. Crime and violence under your watch is the worse in living memory. Thanks to your leadership SVG is 3rd on the world’s list for instances of rape. The list goes on and on. So comrade with you dreaming of defying history are you really saying that the masses are fools?

  2. Ralph is trying to blame his political blunder on the NDP, while ignoring he was heckled in his own constituency. He failed to realize it was the people who were talking and ringing the bell. They are fed-up with his false promises and lies. He wanted to take advantage of Lynch’s death and reduce the animosity many people have against his actions. Why would he turn up at the funeral of the man he helped to send to his grave? That’s the action of a mobster and he’s not too far removed from one. He’s a hypocrite and an evil man and needs help to curb his greed for power.
    He blames others for his actions, even the policewoman whom he’s alleged to have raped. Then there is the airport blunder which has caused SVG to be in a financial straight jacket. He and the fools who believe his lies try to blame others for the demise of the airport.
    From the beginning everything was a lie with financing the airport. SVG nationals were not going to pay a cent to build the airport. So much so that he brought in Cubans to move dirt, with the excuse that Vincentians are not qualified. He and his lemmings have victimized Vincentians who refuse to go along with these false prophetic predictions. There are many of his supporters who will stay at home this election. They are now seeing how wicked and cruel this man turned out to be.
    He claims he’s the only one to ring the bell and that may be so, but a majority of people are waiting for the opportunity to ring his bell. It would be wise for those who never had a chance to represent their constituencies to leave. He will continue to ignore you and promote his son to carry-on his false dreams. You are nothing but puppets. I believe Brown say this and refused to contest the South Leeward seat. You should leave now and save your reputation.

  3. C. ben-David says:

    It’s too bad that the various local independent media houses, including this one, can’t all get together and sponsor a national political poll of their own as both a public service contribution and as a way of strengthening their role in public affairs. Similar polls have long been done through the combined efforts of several groups in many other countries.

    Such a poll would not need to be expensive if conducted using small focus groups of knowledgeable party supports in each constituency who would be presented with the names of eligible voters from the voters’ lists and asked to identify probable support for the two parties. Focus-group polling is used all over the world and is as reliable a means of assessing political support as any other technique. (We have recently seen how unreliable phone polling can be in several overseas campaigns).

    I estimate that such a poll would cost well under $5,000, most of which would consist of gratuities to focus-group members and payments to the number crunchers. But, as I said, it is too bad that this won’t soon happen in SVG.

  4. Augustus Carr says:

    Prime minister Hon Dr. Gonsalves I love you in the same manner that I love every Vincentian because Vincy is in my blood. Unfortunately, I think it’ is the opportune time for you and Hon Arnhim Eustace to demitt Office. You have fail to unite our belove country. Your style of politics is too divisive. It’s time to yield to the younger generation and let them take the helm. We need proper constitutional reform whereby no politician would be allowed to hold office as Prime Minister for no more than two terms. I believe we have enough competent Vincentians to lead this charge.

    I would recommend that you get a Knighthood and the airport be named in your honour. You have served this country with distinction but it’s time to call it quit. If you win the next election It would confirm that there is something fundamentally wrong with most Vincentians. Our nation needs healing and strategic direction. We need a visionary at the helm who would provide a way for all Vincentians. We need men to run our country not boys.

    Over the past two weeks you have both broken my heart because of the manner in which you have handled our affairs. I love you both but it’s time to past the baton to the younger generation.

  5. Hahahah. I could laugh my belly full. The ULP are not going to win next election, the most I see them getting is 4 seats. South Central Windward is gone this election for sure and I have friends in other parts of the country who saying the same thing.The last election they got 8 and the country is a lot worst since then. They could bray all they want they are not going to win. People are suffering, these guys are always laughing and smiling to win election like it’s a big game.

    Fellas, people are suffering in SVG on a big scale. Even people who blocked roads for the ULP are calling for them to go, tell me how are you going to win?

    Just ring the bell if you bright.

    1. james the lion monroe says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more my brother. they know how to apply the game of divide conquor and rule, and just like the days of slavery, they’ve succeded to a certain point. Those days will eventually come to an end, cause the people of svg are waking up. No longer will we be the joke of the caribbean with a decendant of the people who started slavery rule our country.

  6. Where is Prime Minister Gonsalves’ leadership on the worsening crime situation in SVG; has he articulated any strategies as yet? It seems that he can’t be bothered because he has his own security. And therefore to hell with the rest of us Vincentians who have to make it however we can. Where is his leadership on agriculture; what are his plans to deal with the cocoa situation and the dwindling banana trade? Where is his leadership on the highest unemployment rate in the OECS that is wreaking havoc among our young people? Where is his leadership on the corruption epidemic and lawlessness within his government and the public service; will the registrar return to SVG to answer those charges against her? Where is his leadership on the divisive political state of affair in SVG; does he not understand that he was elected prime minister of SVG and NOT of the ULP supporters; is he still in campaign mode since 2001? This is the person that some Vincentians say is a good leader. Then if that’s the case then Haiti’s Baby Doc, Iraq’s Saddam and Libya’ Khadaffi were also good leaders!!!!!

    1. james the lion monroe says:

      speaking of Baby Doc, wait until his son gets into office,that’s if the people of svg is bribed with lumber and cement to vote for a family dynasty of gonsalves. if this happens, then
      Baby Doc Gonsalves will make his father look like a saint, then svg will get what they ask for cause you’ve been warned. look what they did Glen Jackson, who will be next?

  7. james the lion monroe says:

    the man knows how to play vincentians, he’s been doing it for years. he went there to creat trouble, and he got what he planned. Now all of svg look like children fighting at a playground

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