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Soca Single of the Yea winner MadSkull. (Photo: Rohan Bellingy/I-Candi Pictures)

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The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association of Music Professionals (AMP) held its second annual music awards at Peace Memorial Hall in Kingstown Friday night.

Following are the winners in the various categories:

Gospel Single of the Year: “Greatly Blessed” by Evangelist Bridget Blucher

Best Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group: “Called Out” – Multi-Denominational

Calypso Single of the Year: “Act Before It’s Too Late” by Man Zangie

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Dance Hall Single of the Year: “Good Name” by Melissa

Hip Hop & R&B Single of the Year: “What You Here For” by Prez

Reggae Single of the Year: “Believe” by Dynamite

Christmas Single of the Year: “Two Christmas in One” by Lennox Bowman

Universal of the Year: “Beast Drops Out” by Marlon Roudette

Soca Single of the Year: “Family” by MadSkull

Ragga Soca Single of the Year: “Til Morning” by Luta

Ragga Soca Single Of The Year Winner, Luta.
Ragga soca single of the year winner, luta.

Best New Male Artiste of the Year: MadSkull

Best New Female Artiste of the Year: Gem

Disc Jockey of the Year: DJ CJ of Emerald Sounds

Radio Station of the Year: NBC Radio

Songwriter of the Year: Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle

Songwriter Of The Year: Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle. (Photo: Rohan Bellingy/I-Candi Pictures)
Songwriter and entertainer of the year: gamal “skinny fabulous” doyle. (photo: rohan bellingy/i-candi pictures)

Best Riddim Track of the Year: “Wreck It Riddim” by Wetty Beats/Static Studio

Best Vocal Collaboration of the Year: Problem Child & Patrice Roberts – “Born to Win”

Best Live Band of the Year: Rodney Small & The Ultimate Band

Rodney Small Of Rodney Small &Amp; The Ultimate Band, Which Won The Best Live Band Of The Year Award. (Photo: Rohan Bellingy/I-Candi Pictures)
Rodney small of rodney small & the ultimate band, which won the best live band of the year award. (photo: rohan bellingy/i-candi pictures)

Best Music Video of the Year: “When the Beat Drops Out” by Marlon Roudette

Musician of the Year: Darron Andrews

Producer of the Year: Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell

Record of the Year: “Rum Meeting” by Fireman Hooper

Entertainer of the Year: Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle

Special Honours: Roland Sardine and Alston “Becket” Cyrus

Lifetime Achievement Award: Clement “Baha” Lawrence

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3 replies on “SVG AMP Music Awards 2015 Results”

  1. Strange

    Not too nitpick or anything, but here we have Fireman Hooper winning Soca Monarch, Ragga soca monarch, first and second in road march, yet Skinny fabulous is entertainer of the year?

    Ah don’t get it.

  2. Avatar Of Shane DanielShane Daniel says:

    vincy view, let me explain to you and maybe this wont be strange. Fireman Hooper writes songs for the local market. He panders to the local crowd. Listens his lyrics, they are one-dimansional and on the spur of the moment, on the island, he’ll be popular and will be able to win those crowns on 133sq miles.

    Skinny Fabulous on the other hand writes international lyrics. He writes songs that will last throughout the seasons. People abroad will be singing his songs for years, across the region and elsewhere. Skinny Fabulous will go places. Even his character is warmer than FHooper.

    Skinny Fabulous is xtimes the entertainer.

    I have just skimmed the surface of the issue but I hope you now get it.

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