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Gonsalves Eustace

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, left, and Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace. (IWN file montage)

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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace and Member of Parliament for North Leeward Roland “Patel” Matthews have extended condolences to the relatives of the three persons who died when a car plunged over a cliff in Coulls Hill Sunday night.

George Johnson, 89, Venola Ollivierre (also known as Icylma Johnson), 65, and Denzil Johnson, 22, all of Spring Village died in the incident.

Two other persons, Kemral Williams, 24, said to be the driver of the vehicle, and Neville Charles, 45, have been hospitalised.


Mp For North Leeward, Roland &Quot;Patel&Quot; Matthews. (Iwn File Photo)
Mp for north leeward, roland “patel” matthews. (iwn file photo)

In an email to the media on Monday, Elson Crick, communications consultant in the Office of the Prime Minister, said that Gonsalves, who was attending an OECS heads of government meeting in Grenada, has extended condolences and sympathy to the Johnson family of Spring Village, on behalf of the government and people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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Crick said Gonsalves intends to visit the family of the deceased following his return to the country today, Tuesday.


“Itis times like these, that we need the love and support of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Let us lift them up in our prayers, and be in solidarity with the Johnson family,” Crick quoted Gonsalves as saying.

The Car Plunged Several Hundred Feed From Coulls Hill To Troumaca Bottom. (Iwn Photo)
The car plunged several hundred feed from coulls hill to troumaca bottom. (iwn photo)

Eustace, speaking on his weekly radio programme on Monday, said:

“It really was a shocking event for me last night when I was called to be told about what happened in North Leeward…

“My heart goes out to that family,” he said, noting that the family now has four deaths in recent weeks.

The dead and injured were returning to Spring Village from Chateaubelair, where they had attended the funeral of their relative, Shardine Johnson, who was murdered earlier this month.

“That is more than anyone can bear right now. It is really a difficult situation and my heart goes out to the family,” Eustace said.

“It’s really a sad day. Both young and old people have passed on very suddenly to the great beyond and my heart really goes out to that Johnson family.

A Group Of Men Stand In The Area In Coulls Hill Where The Car Plunged Over A Cliff At A Section Of The Road With A Broken Retaining Wall. (Iwn Photo0
A group of men stand in the area in coulls hill where the car plunged over a cliff at a section of the road with a broken retaining wall. (iwn photo)

“At the best of times it’s a very difficult blow to bear, and for it to happen right after the funeral of another family member who was suddenly cut off by murder worsens the load and those of them who are still alive will know where to put their trust,” he said

Matthews, in a call to Eustace’s programme, repeated a consolation he said he gave to the family at the hospital Sunday night.

“And I know, and as I said to family members last night at the hospital, put their trust in God, because he will not give them more than they can bear.

“Even though it may appear to them that everything is going wrong, I want them to hold on and put their trust in him because he knows best and will not give them more than they can bear,” he said.

“I am shaken up by this thing. I am shaken because [it’s] as if I saw this danger coming,” he said and lamented the failure of the government to repair a retaining wall where the accident happened, more than a year after he highlighted the danger that it poses.

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One reply on “Leaders extend condolences to relatives of Coulls Hill crash victims”

  1. Thanks to those extending condolences. May God give the family and friends the strength to cope. Putting all unnecessary malice aside, the reality is, road safety is important for all whether we wear red, yellow or green party shirts. Last week I was speaking to a youngster, and even he could sense danger waiting to happen on this strip of road. Although blaming the government would not bring back those who were suddenly cut off, if we are honest enough, we would acknowledge the careless condition in which this piece of road and another section right in Spring Village (just beyond the welcome sign) have been left since the 2013 trough. Oh Lord have mercy on us who must drive or walk these roads on a regular basis. If nothing is done urgently to fix these danger spots then future accidents and deaths should be expected. Although warning signs might help somewhat, leaving these roads unattended would be spelling trouble and those in authority must take responsibility for the impending danger.

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