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Police are investigating the death of real estate agent Sharleen Greaves.

Greaves, a 33-year-old resident of Calliaqua, was discovered at her Bijou Real Estate agency at Arnos Vale after 9 a.m., today, with multiple stab wounds about her body.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

A post mortem examination will be carried out on the body of the deceased, early next week.

Greaves’ death is recorded as the 24th homicide for 2015.

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The deceased, Sharlene Greaves.
The deceased, Sharlene Greaves.

3 replies on “Businesswoman Found Dead With Multiple Stab Wounds”

  1. What is St.Vincent coming to?

    Only earlier this year I did business with this young lady. St.Vincent is such a small place that it is virtually impossible for anything to be done without someone else seeing. Why then is so much crime being committed and yet the police are unable to make arrests and the prosecutors get convictions?

    Is it that Vincentians are too afraid to come forward or have we just become a nation of people who condones these sort of crimes and can no longer empathize with our fellow countryman when they suffer.

  2. Here is the single issue that the NDP could build their entire campaign on; crime and security in the country.

    The ulp administration have been impotent in addressing the issue of crime and violence in the country. The police force seem more interesting in locking up folks on Facebook or on the radio etc…but the real criminals seem to have cart blanche to rape and murder with impunity.

    I don’t know the circumstances of this lady’s death but yet another violent act has been committed and we probably won’t know who did it. I have absolutely no faith in our police to solve any crime where the perpetrator didn’t turn themselves in.

    The first mission of the NDP is to remove the PC and his minions. And empower the police to solve these violent crimes and to provide a sense of security to the citizens of vincyland. There needs to be an entire overhaul of the way we address the issue of security and putting the fear of the law within the criminal element that is out of control at the moment.

    Dec 9 can’t come fast enough. 10-5. It’s ova!

    R.I. P. Ms Greaves.

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