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Sheriss Veira was punched in the face repeatedly during an attack Monday night.
Sheriss Veira was punched in the face repeatedly during an attack Monday night.

A McKies Hill woman will next week begin counselling to help her cope with the trauma of a vicious physical attack by an unknown male assailant outside her home.

Petrona Viera told iWitness News on Thursday that her daughter, 20-year-old Sheriss Viera, was helping her brother wash his omnibus outside their home Monday night — as they do nightly –when the attack occurred.

The mother said she was looking at her children from her bedroom window washing the van, but later went into the living room.

Sheriss’ brother, Andy, would normally take buckets of water for her to rinse the van.

He had gone into their yard to fetch water when the man attacked Seriss.

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The mother said that while in the house, heard the water running and called Sheriss’ name but her elder son, Andy, said was him at the pipe.

“About 20, 30 seconds after, I heard a scream. I turned to my other son, Alex, and said, ‘That is Sheriss screaming.’ He said, ‘Why would she be screaming and Andy is out there? That can’t be sheriss.’”
The screaming stopped then the family heard another scream shortly after.

They then ran out into the road.

“She was lying on the ground and I could see blood in her face,” the mother recounted.

“So I know that she suffers with a low platelet problem; all sorts of things flashed in my mind.

“So as I got there, I noticed Andy was looking over the wall and towards the neighbour’s house and said, ‘He jumped over the wall and ran down there.’”

The mother asked her son who he was talking about and was told that a man had attacked Sheriss.

Veira took her daughter inside and applied an icepack to her face and when she began to improve took her to the police station and hospital.

Sheriss told her mother that when her brother went for the bucket of water, she noticed a man walking in her direction.

He who was swerving from one side of the road to the other.

“She said that before she knew it, he was on her. She said that she felt uncomfortable because of the way he was walking so she got up and went to the back of the van, put done the empty bucket that she had and had another container in her hand.

“He walked into the van and came into her. She said to him, ‘Step back.’ and he came closer to her. She took the container she had in her hand and pushed it toward his chest and then he collared her by the neck and started choking her.

“She, in turn, started to scream. He slammed her onto the ground, still choking her. She started screaming again. He punched her in her eye, punched her in her nose between screams.

“He tried to rip her pants. She was wearing  knee-high pants,”

the mother told iWitness News.

By that time, Sheriss’ brother was approaching and the attacker ran.

“It has been and is – It’s a task,” the mother told iWitness News of her daughter’s efforts to cope after the attack.

“We have to sleep with lights on. We have two gates leading to the road. She thinks she is hearing people opening the gates. So yes, it’s not easy, but we are God-fearing, God-believing people, so we know it will get easier. We have a counselling that we are going to see next week…”

Sheriss was discharged Wednesday, after two days in the hospital.

4 replies on “Woman to receive counselling after vicious attack outside her home”

  1. Well! Well! So sad and very unfortunate for this young lady. I feel her pain. Hope they catch that punk! Let me guess!

    The attacker is a frequent listener to Nice Radio?

    The attacker thinks everybody who has this complexion is related to Gonsalves?

    The attacker has a dislike for Vera’s… or she owns more Red things than Yellow?

    The attacker listens to Luzette King, Peter Binose, Patches Knight and Kadmiel McFee?

    The attacker is related to Lost Pet, Jeannine James, C.ben David, and all the anti-ULP folks on I Witness News (lol) probably?

    Or the attacker mistook her for somebody else? …Boy, some many f-king things could be responsible for this attack but sh…t just happens, eh Lost Pet… wey yo say Jeannine, Peter, C-ben David, folks? LETS HEAR FROM YOU-ALL!

    1. We are all happy that Vinciman is not a judge. To make jokes out of such an incident is in very bad taste. Most of us are not connected to any political party, we are just against terrible leadership and want to see SVG become a better place. Most of the country knows that Ralph is terrible. I had hope for Camillo but after the election he is showing that he inherited some genetic defects from his father. I think even Julian, Luke, Sabota and a few others would do a better job and we would have less to complain about. It just turns out that for the present, Arnheim or Ivan are just much better than anyone else in the ULP. Don’t make this poor young lady be an instrument for your political love of a very terrible leader.

  2. As many have already said, the law and law enforcement in SVG cares more about drugs than it does about rape. Most Vincentians will tell you that if a crime does not involve drugs or murder the police are not very interested in doing anything.

  3. What an animal you are now look at this girl beaten almost rape and here you are talking trash you may well be the attempt rapist that the cops should be looking for. Sad sad sad you are a sick man indeed.

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