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Police Constable 602 Giovanni Charles died May 2 after being stabbed while on duty.
Police Constable 602 Giovanni Charles died May 2 after being stabbed while on duty.
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An 18-year-old male was in police custody Monday evening on suspicion of having caused the death of a police officer.

Commissioner of Police Michael Charles confirmed the death of the constable to iWitness News, but did not disclose the name of the officer.

Other sources have identified him as Police Constable 602 Giovanni Charles, a 26-year-old resident of New Montrose.

iWitness News understands that the police officer died after being stabbed while on duty at the Belmont Primary School fair.

He is said to have been stabbed by a man who had attempted to enter the school event without paying.

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However, the police chief, who was overseas, told iWitness News that he was not yet in a position to comments on the circumstances leading up to the incident since he was yet to receive a full report.

The wounded officer was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in a pick-up truck driven by a civilian.

He was accompanied by two of his colleagues and other civilians.

The police officer’s death brings to four the number of homicides in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in just over a week.

Over the last 10 days, three men were shot and killed by unknown assailants in separate incidents in Ottley Hall, Rose Place, and Murray’s Village.

Monday’s killing brings the homicide count in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year to 11.

SVG records yet another gun death

6 replies on “Police officer killed at school fair”

  1. C. ben-David says:

    We are bound to set a new murder record this year as both our economy and morality decline in lock step.

    Welcome to Ralph’s New World Order.

    1. “Ralph’s New World Order” you say eh ben? Sure ben blame Ralph.

      How about the other fellows en dem, who was showing us on video how to disrespect the police and all ah dat. Ask Kenton to put it up again so we can tek a look nah. All yo forget nah tru? Sure, blame Ralph and de ULP.

      Now if the police really come out in full, and start to bust head, starting with the unruly NDP and dem protest, wey alyo gwine say? Nah yo see wey Ralph en he “mongoose squad” ah do poor people!

    2. Patrick Ferrari says:

      C. ben, the entrances fee was $2. That is what that untamed animal killed for. Two dollars.

      Ralph said that he was raising vehicle license, driver’s license, vehicle import duties to curtail road fatalities. Well, then, he better raise some sort of taxes to curtail this developing trend.

      What a shame. Thank Jah, dread, that I is a Trini.

    3. Vinciman always seems to either miss the point or has his own reality. Ralph is not dumb, but he too has his own reality. He has publicly said that high taxes makes life better in SVG. Singapore is the wealthiest country on earth with some of the lowest crime and they have practically the lowest taxes. Although low taxes do not guarantee the best life, good government policy that creates jobs and fair economics are most important to solving most of a country’s problems. That is sadly lacking in SVG. I have lived in places the size of SVG and they have 1 murder about every 10 years; compare that to SVG, about a murder every week.

  2. Uncle Spoon says:

    Rest IN Peace G….people out here tryna justify a police death. they fail to forget that police are just ordinary citizens with a high calling. Those who knew you knows that your death cannot be justified….you were never pumpus or boasting, as usual when officers enters the force. Your memories lives on Bro…sleep tight!

  3. TeacherFang says:

    When a police officer can be stabbed to death by some scalawag just so, what does it say for the security and safety of the average citizen? is this a loss of respect to the state and the rule of law?
    Let me reiterate a point I have been making for some time now; in these times of social upheaval in Vincyland, all police officers should be carrying a side arm. As bad as our police can be, its frightening to think that the very people who sign up to protect and serve all of us, are in fact incapable of protecting themselves while on the job.

    Within a space of a month or so, I have read in the news about three deadly shootings; the boiling alive of a man by a pastor and his family; the beating of a decrepit old man in the street by a woman; a young lady who was held captive and repeatedly rape; the remains of an unidentified woman found on a beach; the murder of a German tourist; the attack of another tourist;and the death of the last shred of integrity that James Mitchell had. Have we as a people loss all sense of decency and compassion for others; have we become so desensitized to violence that we have accepted the beating of a old man in the streets and the callous act of throwing boiling water on a man as normal behavior and our only response as bystanders is to take out our phones and record these barbaric acts for social media prosperity?

    There are no easy solutions to the burgeoning problem of violent crimes in Vincyland and the scourge of James Mitchell; the only real long term solution lies in the moral leadership within our society. According to a study done in 2007 by the United Nations on Crime Violence and Development-“policy makers have several complementary approaches at their disposal with which to address crime and violence. Sector-specific approaches—such as criminal justice, public health, and conflict transformation/human rights—have a role to play, as do cross-sectoral approaches, such as crime prevention through environmental design and citizen security. The criminal justice approach is the most widely known and used, but it does have limitations and should not be the sole approach employed. Public health approaches are appropriate for addressing youth and gender-based violence, and crime prevention through environmental design has the potential to rapidly lower crime in specific locations”.

    The Government of Ralph Gonsalves seem oblivious to the changing dynamics of the Vincentian society as far as crime is concern.The Government apparent solution to crime in Vincyland is to come up with asinine slogans like pan against crime etc, to give the impression that they are addressing the issue. You will think security be a top priority of a Government; sadly, it appears this Ralph Gonsalves Administration is only concern with the security of Ralph Gonsalves.

    By the way, a big f*ck you to Patrick Ferrari. People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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