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Gang rape
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A member of a “sex gang” in the constituency of South Central Windward “lured” a 14-year-old girl to a house in the district last Wednesday and five young men raped her, the girl’s father has told iWitness News.

The incident occurred around noon.

“She was lured. She was invited out by a guy, not knowing it was a house filled with guys,” the father told iWitness News, adding that his daughter knows the guy well and has been able to identify all of the men who violated her.

He said the alleged rapists are ages 15 to 21 and three or four of them are students.

“She was actually invited to chill. One of them was her friend,” the father said.

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“As a father, I am trying to help her; trying not to be too hard on her; trying to get her to bounce back. It is a really traumatic time for her. Not to condemn her in any way because I understand the pain she is going through.”

The matter has been reported to the police, who have launched an investigation.

“I am hoping that there will be justice and that is not the end of the rope for her. The family, the church, too, they are reaching out to her.”

But the father also told iWitness News that this is not the first time that young women in the district have been gang-raped, allegedly by the same assailants.

“… this is too common in the village. This thing has been happening for a while now. I know at least three or more incidents like this happening,” he said, adding that some of the incidents involve the same people who his daughter said raped her.

“And, in many cases, it is just swept under the mat. Even legally, sometimes nothing happens. I don’t know if parents are afraid because of the stigma. Sometimes they may be afraid to go far with it and sometimes the law seems so slow when it comes to these things. In the end, the shame and so on that is associated with this kind of thing, it kind of stalls the progress you would like to see.”

But the father said he is committed to seeing that the men face justice for raping his daughter.

“It is really wrong to lure somebody thinking it is gonna be you alone and when time comes, you meet a whole heap of them. In this case, my daughter is only 14 and if the law has any protection for her, I intend to use the long arm of the law to get justice,” he said.

He described the young me as a gang, “not in terms of a violent crime gang that goes around with people fighting and that kind of thing.

“It is more like sex gang; a group of friends. A lot of them sleep in the same area, in the same house…” he said, adding that they know what to say to young girls who might be vulnerable.

In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a girl under the age of 15 cannot legally give consent to sex, and when such “consent” is given, it is classified as statutory rape, which is also a crime.

“It was more than one of them and when I listen to the description of what happened, some of them sound like outright rape. That is the one that really aggravates me when I listen to the details,” the father said.

“Somebody needs to be an advocate to deal with this in St. Vincent, especially in some of the rural villages and not only in the rural villages. I see a lot of schoolgirls getting pregnant, a lot of them are underage and it is shattering their lives and I see no real justice coming out for them.

“They are accepting it as if it is part of the norm. But it is not the norm. It is wrong to use people who are legally underage and we, as a society, should cry out against this kind of thing and try to change.”

The father had some advice for young girls.

“The first thing, I think that young girls should keep their heads on. That’s number one. Apart from that, I think it is wrong to violate young people like that, especially those who cannot give consent. Those guys out there are so influential in what they say to them. They are young people, they are not adults; they can be influenced easily. But, at the same time, they need to trust their parents and use their heads and keep away from these kinds of people.”

The father said that the alleged rapists were arrested but he has since seen some of them in the community but has heard that they have to return to court.

24 replies on “‘Sex gang’ rapes 14-year-old girl in St. Vincent”

  1. Why there’s never no good news coming from SVG? The island seems so blighted make one not proud to be called vincy no more.

    1. Hope there is a whole lot of more scandal about to break.

      This regime this very dynasty attracts more than any other currently in the Caribbean.

      A real man would have resigned a thousand reasons ago.

      1. I can’t disagree. The present government is making too many mistakes. It is because they do not have the right attitude about things. Most problems would be reduced if they could curb their greed. They have an attitude that it is “of the government, by the government, and for the government.” That is why this government has not created ABY jobs in the private sector. If they have created any, they have destroyed twice as many jobs. These boys would not be going in this direction so far if they had other hopes and desires, such as a career, rather than low-life deeds.

    2. Brown Boy USA says:

      I agree with you hold-heartedly, hope. I no longer feel that internal pride of being a Vincy. Too much bad and sad news out of my beloved country that it’s making those of us in foreign feel a sense of lost of country and pride.

  2. First: Father, you take the lead and be the advocate for this cause.
    Now, in parts of Africa and India when men rapes women, the village people and police will hold these men in the square, tie up their hands and feet and beat them mercilessly with boto sticks, iron, stones, anything they can put their hands on before they are taken off to jail. I say, you people in the village, hold these boys/men and beat their assess mercilessly. Just make sure they are tied up first so they can’t run or defend themselves.
    This is wickedness to these under age girls and I am real vex!

  3. C. ben-David says:

    Not to blame the girl, but she did enter the house to have sex with the first guy with whom she already had a “romantic” relationship.

    These guys should all be locked up but parents should also do a better job raising both their male and female offspring.

    It seems that in SVG “sex can’t wait” with Sam-pats now a common if not expected occurrence.

    1. David it sounds to me you know so much about rape and why this girl was going to the house that you are the rapist yourself. Even if your not to write what you wrote makes you no better than a rapist.

      Writing to bring reaction is one thing but you really are a sicko.

      1. You are right Peter, I think C. Ben David is speaking out of turn. I know people who have been raped and/or sexually molested, their life gets messed up no matter how they try to move on. Man or woman, it’s the most wicked thing to do to someone.

    2. Brown Boy USA says:

      C. ben, why is it we always point a finger at the women? I don’t think your first statement is warranted, although you have a right to your opinion. The girl is a victim, even if she went to house to have sex with one guy that does not give all the other guys the rights to rape her. We all make mistakes, and so too are a lot of young girls and boys, as they feel the need to be appreciated and accepted. But that does not necessarily mean that they set themselves to be raped. We got to stop this nonsense and blaming the young ladies as if they do not have a voice or the right to do anything without being judged as it being there fault. We got to stop it!

    3. Are you serious? Whatever consent you are dreaming that this girl provided is not legal anyway. It doesn’t matter if she was begging for it.

      You’re enabling a culture that provides an excuse to young men raping children. That’s so frustrating.

  4. Rape of Women in this Country of the bless, seems to be tha law of this land. I can only ponder where this came from… Pretty soon the country must put out a warning to tourist to warn the female saying enter this country at your own risk.

    1. I have been having the same thoughts. I wonder if those thoughts ever cross the mind of they guy who is in charge of fixing this problem. He seems to know what it is like to be accused of rape!

  5. What a dreadful story and my sympathy goes out not just to the girl but to the father who is obviously a wonderful man.

    It is difficult to see these young men getting what they deserve when there are politicians and lawyers that rape and pillage. They are taking what they see happening around them and using that as a template of normal behavior.

    Then you have the police and DPP that have not been seen to do the right thing in the past to more influential sections of the society.

  6. Brown Boy USA says:

    They pushing cyber bill, why not enforce the law to the full extent to protect our children from incidence like this? I guess with members of this society in high position being accused of rape and nothing being done, it is difficult for law enforcement to enforce such a law. But we must do something to protect our children, especially our girls. This is too common place in our society, and sadly so it seems to be accepted as the norm. We need to change that ASAP.

    1. Good analysis. I wish our leadership thought like you. As I say, most of the problems in SVG will be greatly reduced if our politicians change their philosophy. Sadly, at the top of our government they do not have the mindset that you have. Generally they have to start thinking of the people instead of the wealth, comfort, and glory of the government. They need to put people first instead of just saying “I love the people.”…What that means is: “I love the wealth, luxury, and power I get from the people.” Eustace seems to not have these bad characteristics, his problem is that he is lackluster and does not fully take advantage of all the failures of the present government. Seems most people here vote for appearances and charisma and not for substance.

  7. I feel for u sir cause I have my only daughter too same age but the only difference u and I are that you’re much too kool or appear to be so than I ,cause revenge for me is a meal best serve cold.

    1. I would be scared to death if I had a beautiful young daughter in SVG. Any female relation, I have heard men hitting on old fat ladies too. My wife (not so old and not fat) has been threatened with rape at least twice a year, a few times even when I have been with her. Most countries take rape more seriously than SVG. How are they going to punish the less-wealthy rapists when the wealthy powerful rapists are allowed to get away with it?

  8. C. ben-David says:

    Anita, you are a wicked woman (or man) to advocate beating people to death without a free and fair trial. Is that really the kind of Vinciland your are calling for?

    This gel was craving for one stiff tone but she got five instead. I don’t condone this wicked act but I also don’t condone mob rule or vigilante justice!

    1. Question is: You may not necessarily get justice in SVG. Anita was saying if they absolutely knew who was doing it. Still, the beating she was referring to may be a little over the top.
      I have often heard it said that the reason why most people in Europe respect each other and the law is because of the harsh punishments they used to use in the past. Although I do not agree, they need to start being more serious about rape in SVG. I have witnessed many times that the police do NOTHING when crimes are reported. Dominos are far more important. I too have reported crimes, nothing was ever done; As a police officer, try doing that in developed countries, you would be unemployed in a day!

    2. C. Ben, you are free to express your opinion. You can call me wicked in how many words you want, all I know if any hardback man/boy rape an underage girl in my family, I don’t care who give or didn’t give or who, according to you, want hard tone, If I can find them, even upfront of the judge, I will personally rip their “hard tone” out. Then I would prowdly wear the “wicked” name, Mr, Ben, even in jail.

  9. I am sure villagers know what is taking place in that house and their village. It seem to me the young boys know who they can do this to and get away with it. Hence the reason they are still around doing this shit.

  10. Patrick Ferrari says:

    I see that a few people licked into C. ben’s backside about this. So be it but I believe that this is a case of rape all right – statutory rape.

    I believe she was raped as much as the young schoolgirl in the video a few months ago was.

    Five young men gang raped a 14-year old and not a talk of physical injuries?

    I hope there is a follow up on the investigation. She said she was raped. So that is out. She knows all of her rapist. That too is out. It is statutory rape – fact – which means it is in the hands of the law. Or it should be.

    Let’s see what happens from here because the father seems to be against matters of this sort being swept under the mat. And he wants justice for his daughter.

  11. you got to be sick to justify rape and for anyone to come here and put blame on this young girl must be a rapist also. them old men think that having sex with kids is kool well is not you all should be a shame let the children enjoy their childhood.

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