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The state-owned building in Kingstown, where Cobblestone Inn is located.  (IWN photo)
The state-owned building in Kingstown, where Cobblestone Inn is located. (IWN photo)
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Questions are being asked regarding why the Government is evicting the operators of Cobblestone Inn in Kingstown, giving them just two months and no reason to vacate the premises.

Persons in the know have been mulling over the development, noting especially that the tenant, Vincentian entrepreneur, Ann Joshua is up-to-date with the EC$24,000 monthly rent.

Joshua on Thursday confirmed to iWitness News that the Government has given her until Sept. 30 to vacate the premises, which she has been renting for 30 years.

In a July 12 letter, Grahame Bollers, lawyer for National Properties Ltd., the state-owned entity responsible for the historic building where the hotel is located, gave no reason why his client wanted the premises back.

Joshua declined to elaborate on the development when iWitness News contacted her on Thursday.

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She, however, confirmed receipt of the letter and said that she was up-to-date with the rent — EC$24,000 per month.

Cobblestone Inn’s website describes it as “ an award-winning, historic boutique hotel”.

The hotel, which is located on Back Street, Kingstown, is located in a building that dates back to 1814.

It was built as a sugar warehouse and was later used for arrowroot.

Lawyer Grahame Bollers' letter gave no reason for the eviction.
Lawyer Grahame Bollers’ letter gave no reason for the eviction.

26 replies on “Gov’t gives Cobblestone Inn operator two months to leave building”

  1. Just guessing, the way things are now going in SVG, I Mrs. Joshua not singing “labour loves you” it’s obvious Ralph go order his puppets to tell her “later fu you”.

  2. Let me tell you this another case of spite and malice. Just like Bigger Bigs she has done something that in their minds warrants spite and malice being applied to her.

    I know what she did and I can relay that. But until the matter comes to a head anything that I expose may well make things worse for her not better.

    My advice would be to get a good lawyer who is not shackled by the regime and stay where you are and let the take you to court. It will take them years.

    You must be aware as your lawyer must be aware they may well rush into a Judge in chambers with an ex parte motion or action.

    An ex parte action is a judicial action on the behalf of one party, without notice to or contestation by any person adversely interested. Such an action may take place on or off the bench, but does not necessarily result in a signed order.

    You are dealing with very nasty people.

    $24,000 a month is the most amazing amount of money I wonder what she can possibly earn for herself after paying that.

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      I love it when you speculate, for it shows how misinformed you are.
      Not only you got a backward mentally, you cannot do anything for any St. Vincent, and God know you are a dying breed, thanks for that.
      You small mined fools can only eat salt fish and nam boil ram Goat.
      Which bring us to this place of garbage in garbage out, and for you small minded individuals is none more that SH****T to the top, bottom and the center.

      Ha !!!

      1. Bonadie I am fortunate enough to own more property than you on three continents and to have bundles more wealth than you on three continents. I have more brains than you and much more intelligence than you. I am more traveled than you and certainly more worldly than you.

        I eat the best, drink the best and live in the very best places.
        Your are little more than a deformed parasite ridden peanut compared to me.

        Your problem besides having the ultimate in small minds, you are not your own man; you are owned by one of the Caribbeans worst scum bags.

        There is no speculation in what I wrote and the Diaspora are really upset that the old spite and malice that was applied to Bigga Bigs is now being applied to a really nice lady.

        Now Bonadie if you are proud to serve the regime and the family dynasty in such form as a political lackey that is your choice. But trying to present wrong as right in support of them only compounds my view of you. Wrong can never be transformed into right by you or anyone else.

        The old saying “ sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me” which is most unfortunate in your case.

      2. Were you talking to Peter or leader? Just wondering because they both rhyme, but are otherwise very different…and I know you do not mean Peter.

    2. Very good advice, Peter. I hope Mrs. Joshua takes it. This illegal regime in SVG is comprised of crabs, snakes and hogs. Their next move is always venomous and stink.

  3. What is the government vision for SVG? The survival of small business is critical to economy of SVG.
    Not only you are losing revenue, but how many workers are now on the breadline in a country where jobs are non-existent.
    This article is definitely not a good read for potential investors.

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      Ay, mister fortune teller, tell me when you’ll read and not spell.
      How do you know that a foreign investor do not have interest in that Hotel.
      You jokers just learn one word, now you feel you know all the Queen’s English.
      Get a life.

  4. Just another Black own business to get cut off by your honestly elected Government or could it be a case of vengeance is mines, since I owe every square inch of hmmmmm

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      Yea, if that’s the case ” yep pee…………….ee”
      leave things up to those broke ass black people we’ll be all running for cover.
      Until you own or run something shut up about black this and black that.
      For you if you see or meet black you’ll run like hell, So when you do, please let me know.
      So good.

      1. Luther are you a dedicated racist or just a part time one whenever the political situation calls for your warped intervention on behalf of a political party, regime and dynasty.

  5. Patrick Ferrari says:

    They throwing she out because maybe since the airport is opening last month and it go bring in “250,000 tourists” (Ralph) and arrivals are going to “triple” in 2016 (Ces) and that impact is going to be “instant,” (Beache), a ULP man must be want it now. So maybe they are teking it way from she to giv he. It could be a she for all I know.

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      You keep those stupid talk in your house, and up your ass.
      You don’t know sh**t , and here you are choosing to try and sh**t some place else.

      I tell you this, from now on please keep that sh** t talk to yourself, and don’t bring it to the public.

      1. Bonadie your mouth is like your politics and that of your masters.

        Shame you fail to recognize your superiors when making comments.

  6. Jeannine James says:

    They are also moving in on private property for sheer spite. Funny thing, it’s not the Garifuna people who are taking over Vincentians’ private property as Gonsalves led the country to believe when came out swinging against the Garifuna people. Rather, it is his government that is doing it; he wanted the exclusive rights to abuse ordinary people. They depend hugely on the ignorance of the expendable sycophants in towns and villages to get their bidding done. I speak not hypothetically here.

  7. There are not many lawyers who would take on such a matter against the woman. But Bollers is always there to do the bidding.

    I suppose money is money eh! boy.

    1. Having just read the letter again I hope Bollers is never asked to present it to the court as evidence, the judge will slaughter him.

  8. Maybe she rented a room to one of NDP’s political activist during the 6 months, and this is the backlash of it?

    Just a suggestion I hope Kenton would not refuse to post; citing “freedom of speech limitation.”

    1. Whatever the lady did politically it has nothing whatsoever to do with her business and her rights to run her business in a quite and peaceful manner without spite and malice being loaded on her for political and ideological reasons by her landlord or their agents and provocateurs’.

      This really is some stinking dirty business and every single person involved in the action against this lady is so out of order.

      Bigger Bigs was treated in the same way with trumped up charges and reasons.

      1. Peter. I’m clearly not supportive of this behavior. My comment wasnt in no way condoning the fact that this seems to be politically motivated; same as Bigger Biggs

  9. Everyone knows that this lady is one of Ralph’s cousins, I do not believe for one minute that any of the event happenings would happen unless he said so, they just would not dare to attack one of the family without his sanction or even direct instruction.

    My problem is believing the comrade, since he told us he sometimes tells lies I do not believe a word he utters.

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