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Workers make modifications at Chill Spot on Friday. (IWN photo)
Workers make modifications at Chill Spot on Friday. (IWN photo)
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Chill Spot Bar & Grill, one of the two restaurants in Arnos Vale where the government demolished structures on Sept. 21, will reopen on Tuesday.

Physical Planning officials demolished a structure at the restaurant and one at Aqua, a food outlet nearby, which they said was constructed illegally and ordered that the restaurant close its doors.

Neighbours had complained about smoke, loud music, and traffic congestion in the area.

Lance Oliver, co-owner and manager of Chill Spot, has said that action was taken against the business after he had taken steps to address the concerns.

But after almost five weeks of closure, Chill Spot will reopen on Tuesday, Oliver told iWitness News on Friday.

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“We are going to try to improve on a lot of what some people have considered to be negatives. We have made a lot of improvements on those — containing the smoke and all the other issues that people had,” the told iWitness News at the restaurant, where construction workers were busy making modifications.

Lance Oliver at Chill Spot on Friday. (IWN photo)
Lance Oliver at Chill Spot on Friday. (IWN photo)

“During the period we were down, we were working towards getting them sorted out. Hopefully, when we get started again, the issues that people had around here, they are not going to be anymore,” he said.

Oliver told iWitness News that Physical Planning officials visited the business place last week to inspect the modifications he had made.

‘They said everything seems to be to their standard,” Oliver said.

He said that during the time that Chill Spot has been closed, he has also provided training for his staff, all of whom will be retained.

The menu at the restaurant will also remain unchanged, Oliver said, but added that the business might need a week or two before it can begin offering its full compliments of meals.

Oliver was grateful to the persons who expressed solidarity and said he was looking forward to seeing them when Chill Spot reopens.

“I know a lot of them would be very excited that we are going to try to open to cater for them. We are hoping to see them back again,” he told iWitness News.

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3 replies on “Chill Spot to reopen on Tuesday”

  1. You were not alone in this. Thank God, your publicity made you stronger.
    Everytime you face adversity, remember that God has a better plan for you.

    See, Peter’s vision, he stepped right into the storm alone but when he came back
    he wasn’t alone. Jesus held his hands and walked with him to the ship.

  2. More unhealthy food again, just what our nation needs. Meanwhile, all over the civilized world there is a growing concern about good nutrition and the hazards of over-eating.

    We spend 3-4 months home every year and eat ugly-ass restaurant or street food about twice during that period even though we could more than afford to eat out three times a day every day. The rest of the time, my wife (with a tiny bit of help from me) cooks nutritious and tasty food using fresh local produce.

    The lazy customers dying for this place to reopen should ask some older heads how to make a boileen/cook-up (but easy on the salt, oil, and fatty meat) instead. Far cheaper and much healthier.

  3. Hold up Mkei, dopey Dave will think you are talking about Peter Binose when you are referring to Simon who was Peter.

    David it is quite nasty of you to badmouth the Chill Spot about the quality of their food. You know nothing about them and yet you make damaging remarks about them.

    The food that they served there was fabulous and was certainly not just local food it was international cuisine cooked to perfection. The clients were not poor locals they were bank managers and executives for all of walks including Flow and many others.

    There is nothing healthy at all about local food, full of starch, fat salt and sugar. That is the greatest contributor to so many premature deaths in SVG.

    Why on earth you have to make spiteful and malicious remarks about people and their business without know anything at all about them only leaves us to deduct you are a naturally nasty person.

    I agreed that they should not have been creating all the smoke that they did and can understand enforcing against that.

    I also think that the lost important asset to a business is off road parking. So when they used the car park for the Chill Spot I watched the car parts business nosedive. I knew it would I could have told them with a degree of certainty. But that is none of our business it is theirs.

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