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4 replies on “Vincy mathematician ‘proves’ Trump is the antichrist”

  1. Horse manure! Why are they posting this crap? He is of course using jumbie mathematics. There is a bed in the mental home for him. Pity that fool and the fools who believe him.

  2. Dave from Toronto says:

    Hey, Bradley Brooker is a highly-rated mathematics teacher. He taught at St. Martin’s for years and produced students who have gone to prestigious universities.

    Maybe, he is on to something. I think he did the rigorous analysis at home using analytic number theory and topology, but spared us the agony by displaying the simple results on the back of a napkin.

    I think this could lead to him receiving the Nobel Prize this year. I think you guys might want to ask him for his autograph in advance.

    The only question I have is why, for a future Nobel Prize winner, was this interview conducted on the street in the market. I was expecting a fancy office with a fireplace in the background. Shame on the interviewer for not providing the right ambiance.

    1. Still crap. What is the antichrist anyway? Any one of us can put numbers anywhere on a chart and come up with any number we want. Mr. Booker may be a great or even outstanding mathematician who deserves the Nobel Prize, but he has lost his marbles. Remember a beautiful mind? How about somebody getting the man some help?

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