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Digicel-Weight-LossDigicel SVG has launched a “Weight Loss for Charity” programme, geared at encouraging it employees to live a much healthier life while, at the same time, contributing to a number of local charities across St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Weight Loss for Charity initiative requires Digicel SVG’s 120 staff members to collectively lose a minimum of 500lbs by March 2017. And, for every pound lost, 10 dollars will be donated to a charitable organisation in SVG.

According to Digicel SVG’s Country Manage, John Davies, the weight loss exercise is not only very innovative, but was specifically designed to encourage employees to consider seriously the benefits of practicing healthy lifestyle habits and the impacts such practices can have on their personal and professional lives.

Additionally, Davies said the programme will see Digicel again demonstrating its commitment to giving back and positively impacting the lives of all classes and groups of Vincentians, through the donations of a minimum of $5,000 to two or more charitable organisations.

To help ensure that Digicel, as a whole, records a weight loss of at least 500lbs by March of next year, a programme of activities has been devised to motivate staff and encourage members of staff along the way.

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While employees are reminded daily to include some form of physical activity into their daily life and to increase their fruits, water and veggie intake, on two specific days of every week, employees come together to lose weight as a group. Tuesdays at Digicel have now been dubbed “Salad Tuesdays” and sees staff indulging in a garden salad for lunch, while on Thursdays employees come together to participate in a very rigorous workout session.

Fridays have been designated for weigh-in to track individual progress and the overall weight loss, as the countdown continues to March 2017.

A prize will be rewarded to the member of staff who contributes the most to the weight loss challenge.

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One reply on “Digicel to raise funds for charity through weight loss initiative”

  1. Hey, I’ve got an idea!

    If we liposuctioned all the fat people in SVG, we could can and export the millions of tons of lard overseas and make enough money to both pay off the national debt and complete the airport.

    And it would make our people much healthier in the process!

    All in favour, stand up.

    Those who can’t stand up because of their obesity should crawl to the head off the fat rendering line.

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