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Ambassador Kadmiri, flanked by Sir Louis Straker, left, and Saboto Caesar.

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The ties between Morocco and St Vincent and the Grenadines deepened as His Excellency Dr. Abderrahim Kadmiri, ambassador plenipotentiary and extraordinary of His Majesty the King of Morocco, presented his Letters of Credence to Governor General of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Sir Frederick Ballantyne.

Preceding Kadmiri presentation of credentials, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade, Sir Louis Straker met with the newly appointed ambassador.

For this occasion, Saboto Caesar, Minister of Agriculture, also had a meeting with Kadmiri.

Later on that day, in the presence of the press, Kadmiri handed over fertilizer donated to SVG by Morocco.

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One reply on “Moroccan ambassador to SVG presents credentials”

  1. We could sure use friendship with Morocco, although I do not know what they could want from us. Even though we have much phosphate in our soils Morocco has the largest deposits of rock phosphate. Unfortunately our farmers do not know the benefits of this macro-nutrient. We can hope that one day we may get a government that will educate them on how to use it and other elements of our soil, and how to institute sustainable farming practices.

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