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Government, Senator Julian Francis. (iWN file photo)
Government, Senator Julian Francis. (iWN file photo)

Minister of Works, Sen. Julian Francis said he is fed up of excuses about when repairs to defective parts of the recently rehabilitated South Leeward Highway will be completed.

He said he will, therefore, attend a site meeting on Wednesday, where issues related to the project will be discussed.

“I am actually leaving Cabinet to go and attend the site meeting because I am fed up of excuses about final repairs between Gibson Corner and Hospital.

“So I want to go to the site meeting where the consultant will be, where the contractor would be, where the chief engineer would be represented, and the bush engineer, the minister would be there to make sure that we get a commitment of when we are going to complete,” Francis told a press conference on Monday.

Potholes have begun to appear on the section of road in question and in some places the road is warped, as if shifting.

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The minister said: “It is a beautiful piece of road but you have some flaws in it that need to be fixed. I am fed up of asking questions and I am going to the site meeting as a bush engineer to find out and make suggestions.”

Another problem on the road is a section in between Campden Park and Questelles where the shuffler soft continued to fall, especially during periods of heavy rain.

The minister said Gabion baskets will be put in around the curve and space will be left behind the basket to catch any rock that falls.

He said EC$300,000 has been allocated for the defence.

One reply on “Minister ‘fed up’ of excuses about repairs to S. Leeward Highway”

  1. It is all part of a strategy for a probable election in the very near future. Those with eyes open know that the main problem with our roads is that very inferior materials are used. We cannot tell by looking at the roads but they only last a few years. It is a facade that mirrors the facade of leadership in SVG.
    Is Mr. Francis playing a theatrical role, acting as if he really cares about our infrastructure? Will it backfire?

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