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Police investigation

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The DJ at the centre of a police investigation into a case of alleged unlawful sex with an underage girl says that he would turn himself in to police only if a lawyer accompanies him.

The man, who earlier this month contacted the girl’s mother via social media to tell her that he does not want to go to jail, told iWitness News Monday night that he does not have as yet the money to pay the lawyer fees.

The 28-year-old man denied having sex with the girl and told iWitness News that he is working to raise the EC$500 that one lawyer said it would cost to accompany him to a police station.

The man has contacted iWitness News over the past few days, and told us Monday that he is not running or hiding from the police.

“Them just nah (not) look the right place,” said the man, whose identity we are withholding in an effort to protect his alleged victim.

“Vincy police backward. Even some simple case them cyar (can’t) solve,” said the man, adding that he is afraid that if he appears in court without a lawyer he would be denied bail.

He further said he has witnessed instances of police brutality against a friend and expressed fear that he could be the victim of similar treatment.

The man, however, told iWitness News that if the police chance upon him he would not run, and said he would consider our suggestion that he turn himself in.

The man denied having sex with the girl, said to be a grade 6 student who also lives in his community.

He, however, told iWitness News that he understands that a doctor who examined the child has concluded that she is sexually active.

The man told iWitness News that persons normally walk through the yard where the girl lives with her father in a rural community in eastern St. Vincent.

He said that on the day in question, he walked through the girl’s yard to go to another friend’s home.

The man told iWitness News that he and the girl’s father had had an altercation while they were drinking so he avoids walking in the yard when the man is at home.

He said that he could tell when the girl’s father is at home because the girl’s father parks his motorbike near their (the alleged sexual offender’s) house.

The man told iWitness News that he was jogging through the girl’s father’s yard when he heard the father shouting at him.

He said he continued to jog and the man came to his house and accosted him and threatened to go get a cutlass.

The alleged sexual offender told iWitness News that he did not inquire of the girl’s father why he wanted to harm him.

The man told iWitness News that his mother then encouraged him to go somewhere for a few days until his neighbour calms down.

The man expressed fear that if he is charged with an offence he would spend months in prison on remand.

He said he has an 8-year-old daughter and recently landed a job.

“If police hold me right now, me ah go lose me wuk (job).”

He further blamed iWitness News for calling attention to the development with our story of Oct. 20.

He said that while the alleged incident was reported to the police before the publication of the article, the police had never come to look for him before the article was published.

The man’s comments contradict what the girl’s mother said in voice notes obtained by iWitness News.

In the voice note, the mother of the alleged victim said that since the incident was reported the man has been running from police.

The man told iWitness News that if he does not raise the lawyer fees within another month, he would turn himself in to police.

“If them find me before, them find me but me wah a lawyer first,” the man said.

He said persons are looking at him as a rapist at a time when he is making a breakthrough in the entertainment sector.

“Me never rape; me never [engaged in homosexual activities]. Me didn’t born with gold spoon in me mouth… Me wah a lawyer so me cud get bail the same time,” the man told iWitness News.

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