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By Joseph Herzen

I have always considered myself to be an “independent voter”. In the past, I have backed such unsuccessful American presidential candidates as Eugene McCarthy, John Anderson, Ross Perot, Al Gore and Bernie Sanders. When they lost, I was always able to reconcile myself to the elevation of the subsequently successful candidate to be president of the United States

But Donald Trump was “a bridge too far”. My wife and I left the United States for a small, independent Caribbean island, a former British colony which I now discover is ruled by a two-bit tin-horn demagogue dead set on dynastic succession by catering to a sycophantic band of “red ant” idolatrous supporters, and who could probably “walk down Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any voters”.

He now parallels his son’s silence in the face of allegations of adultery or worse with that of Jesus before Pilate. His son is Minister of Finance, Minister of Sustainable Development, and Minister of Information Technology, the son’s wife is the appointed Executive Director the Financial Services Authority for the country.

Birds In Antigua, Duvalier in Haiti?

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I am out of the frying pan and into the fire!

Nepotism reigns — Trump in the White House and cookie cutter clones in the West Indies.

What’s left–Argentina or New Zealand–where can we go that has any democracy left?

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The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

19 replies on “Nepotism”

  1. Stop watching CNN Trump is great for America I dare you to find fault with anything he has accomplished so far! That being lowest unemployment for African Americans in 8 years……less Americans on food stamps….tax cuts have given people more money on their paychecks not to mention the added bonuses they receive…2.5 million jobs added to the economy because he cut regulations in half! Wow that’s a pretty good record if you ask me! That is democracy my friend!

    1. Although Trump is much better than Bush, Obama and possibly even Bill Clinton, he is not so great either. I do not blame Trump so much though. Anything “great” he tries is blocked by the Democrats and the corrupt Republicans like John McCain. Sadly, the only thing that gets a green light from all sides is war and a hatred for Muslims and Russians, not to mention money and advantages for Israel.

      1. The fact that Pam and lostpet is so deluded about Trump is the same reason Ralphie can spin any story to his benefit. Stop listening to the media and get imformed of stfu.

    2. Trump also allocated more money for education of African Americans. He allocated more in his first months in office than Obama did in 8 years, yet they call him a racist!

    3. Every man is a King says:

      That’s a lie.Donald Trump wouldn’t done one thing for the black community.Donald truTr have made Americans open to in your face racism that people havnhav seen since 1950s.

    4. Pam
      You are just reciting the racist Fox News playbook. More jobs were added in 2016 under Obama than 2017 which is still credited to him. Obama inherited a recession and a 7.8% unemployment rate. When he left office it was 4.8% a drop of 3%. It is now 4.4% due to natural momentum and uninformed bigots like you think Trump is the best thing since sliced bread. Why is his approval rating at 35%? The quality of life and the atmosphere of hate and intolerance is like never seen before. I live in the black community and I don’t see any difference. If anything it’s worse because of fear among immigrants. When Trump uses tax payer’s 50 Billion dollars to build the wall that he told you and his other deplorables Mexico was going to build and the deficit starts skyrocketing and cuts in education and health care begin I hope you will applaud the great Dotard. Sorry, I forgot the average Trump supporter barely finished high school and would have trouble grasping even the most elementary economic concepts!!!!
      PS: The black community is doing so well that he doesn’t need Omarosa. Pam and all the rest are now overnight millionaires.

    1. Don’t you mean illegal guns? The countries with the least amont of guns have the highest violence. Switzerland has the highest amount of guns per capita on earth and almost the lowest violence. Guns have NOTHING to do with it. If too many people are killed in road accidents we should ban cars. If there are too many fat people we should ban forks and spoons.

  2. Joseph, Camillo Gonsalves was elected by over 3000 voters , that is why he is an elected member of parliament. Is that nepotism.? the PM has a constitutional right to appoint elected members to which ever porfolio he wishes, where is the nepotism. .Obviously, you do not know the meaning of the word .
    And who is stopp[ing you from leaving SVG, Argentina oo New Zealand is always available

    1. Joseph may have written this because he just wants SVG to be a better place, by telling people what he observes. Much worse are people that write on this site telling us that everything is so very great and we should just go back to sleep and let things continue the way they are until all your money, rights and freedom are gone. If we let Government do as it wants they will eventually waste all your money and take everything from you. I find it no crime when someone tries to make SVG a better place by telling government what they do not like.
      Of late it appears that Linton Lewis is an accolade of the ULP. He may have even had something to do with insuring that Camillo won that seat. Linton certainly did NOT fight to win that seat!!!I It was noticed by many how quiet Linton was after that loss. I am sure it was imperative to a certain few that Camillo win. Some people will pay any price to get what they want, and some are willing to sell or give away anything to get what they desire most for the right price.

    2. But was he Peter, was he? It’s clearly you who has no idea of the meaning of the word. Camillo has been given opportunities to leap frog over every other contender on every front. Not because of his abilities because there are others in the party with as good or better credentials than he when he started out. Then daddy held the ladder in case he fell. He has been groomed to replace daddy and others such as Saboto have simply been swept aside and put into the second class mould. And in the doing so stolen their chances of expected and deserved advances.

      1. In response to a post by Bryan Alexander “Poor Saboto” I suggested to the NDP ,if they feel soooooooo strongly about Saboto being the Pm the seven elected members of the NDP should sign a petition that supports Saboto as P M and take it to the governor general . HE has the power to appoint Saboto or anyone else that commands the majority of the elected members NDP wants to be PM. All this nonsense talk of nepotism, saboto on the back burner , being side line, better credentials, more abilities ,second class , and ALL the other RUBISH will not be necessary. NDP would have over thrown ULP will out any campaigning ,wasting precious money. Camillo will have to wait his turn an the WHOLE of NDP will be HAPPY. . But I guess that will never happen because it is NOT Saboto they want as PM , but is Camillo they are afraid of . Knowing full well , their stay in opposition will be VERY loooooooong.
        SORRY folks NDP continues with the same mistake,and once they continue with the same mistakes , the resultss will be the SAME.

  3. Be it resolved that Trump success is a result of Obama policies…just saying….However i don’t know what bubble you lived in for so many years to believe that democracy existed…next time write an article about the abominable snowman or elves in a breadfruit tree…

  4. After reading and re-reading this “opinion,” I have a few questions:

    1. How is it nepotism where a man was duly elected?
    2. Are you being held against your will?
    3. Are you incarcerated?
    4. What or who is stopping you from leaving SVG?

    Go and find your fire-less habitat!!!

  5. Mr. Herzen, I tend to agree with you. When I read this online news outlet, I get a distinct suspicion that the government is not doing a good job. I also know enough about Vincentian society to know that there exists a class distinction there, that favors mostly people who are in power or who are rich. St. Vincent is a beautiful Island. Has produced world-renowned individuals. Has a rich history, which is often ignored. Why because mostly, I think the people who are in a position to make a difference are often only thinking about themselves and their own wellbeing, ignoring the plight of the people and ignoring the consequences of their actions or inactions on future generations. Just look at how little is done to improve the valuable assets of infrastructure and communications. Just look at how they destroyed the typical Caribbean island main town charm. Arts and Culture are on the back burner. The news read like gossip and sensationalism.
    I have planned to return to the West Indies to settle but, I keep thinking and rethinking everytime that I read or see these disturbing news.

    Mr. Herzen I understand what you are talking about. And, I agree with your reasoning. You are welcome.

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