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Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar. (iWN file photo)
Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar. (iWN file photo)
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Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Saboto Caesar said there is “an atmosphere of hope, optimism and confidence” in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and farming and fishing communities are feeling it.

“Very soon, we will reach over 1,000 acres of cacao. And we are not only exporting beans. We are expecting chocolate too. We are in touching distance of 50 acres of coffee,” he told the Unity Labour Party’s 17th anniversary rally in Calliaqua on Sunday

“We continue to export cattle from this country four and five times a year and container loads of root crops continue to come from the hard work and toil of our people to go to Trinidad and Tobago, United States of America and other markets,” said Caesar, who is also parliamentary representative for South Central Windward, an agricultural district.

He said that the ULP administration has placed the management of the fisheries centres “in the hands of persons ready to invest.

“And because you have an Argyle International Airport now, we can now ship live lobsters from St. Vincent and the Grenadines to Miami, on to Hong Kong and they get to Hong Kong alive. Let us remember these things when we continue to support our party.”

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He said there would always be changes.

“We are not living in a perfect world. But we must never give up. We must press on and as we prepared, we must prepare well. Our God is a way maker; our god is a miracle worker and he is the light in any darkness. I want to encourage all of us.”

Caesar said that because of the hard work and dedication of the ULP over the last 17 years in SVG, “we have the hardware, we have the artillery, we have the infrastructure for us to invest and to make ourselves better.

“Let us continue to support this great party, the Unity Labour Party for everyone. Let our workers come forward and let us continue to build.”

16 replies on “‘Atmosphere of hope, optimism’ in SVG — Saboto”

  1. C. ben-David says:

    Frankly, I see little of this “atmosphere of hope, optimism and confidence” in St. Vincent and the Grenadines wherever I travelled in the country during my last three month visit — January-April 2018. While I did not see hopeless despair, as the NDP claims, most people I have spoken to are unhappy about the lack of economic progress they have experienced over the past 17 year of ULP rule.

    1. The “atmosphere of hope, optimism and confidence” will be revived only when the prerequisite to the ‘Education Revolution’ program guarantees that the requirement to employment has no demand to unconditionally towing of party line. The facts are such that; the practice of hiring base on who party you support has been a defeating havoc to the growth of most less developed countries. What is even more disheartening is that the Education Revolution slogan is now “Yabba Dabba Doo” Baby; the babbling indication to ‘Five-in-a-Row.’ Until we become a people willing to welcome and learn from expertise, development of SVG will only continue to be that of pointless school-yard slogans

  2. Well frankly Ben he said we are continuing to build and not that job it’s done. Gov can only do but so much and play their specific role. The citizens and private sector have their role to play also and nothing can be accomplished without us the people. If everyone sit on the sidelines and wait for the other person to do something, do you think we will get anything accomplished?? There’s a misconception that government supposed to do everything for the people. The number one setback of our ppl is our own minds sad to say

    1. There is little role for the private sector to take because there is little potential to accomplish very much economically.

      1. Government in SVG does a terrible job. Submit paperwork and it magically disappears. Go through Customs and compare how long it takes compared to other countries, not to mention the cost. Our INEFFICIENT Government leads by a poor example and then taxes the pants off the people to help pay for their stupidity. No wonder most Vincentians leave to go elsewhere. Instead of blaming the Private Sector they should first clean-up their own backyard. No wonder SVG is far behind other Caribbean nations.

  3. Caesar is spewing lies,cloaked in minisculed facts! He touts 50 acres of coffee and 1,000 of cacao? Compared to other countries with thousands of acres under cultivation,strips away the value of a competitive advantage,thus making SVG a price taker…

    1. C. ben-David says:

      And the price offered will be too low for farmers to make any profit compared to low cost West African producers.

  4. Dude, you need to get off your high horse. What picture you’re painting is deceptive. Our Agriculture sector has taken a massive plunge. What happened to the statement that was made during the election time about doubling banana production. Why is there arrowroot in Owia, sitting there and cannot be process? Why is a multi million dollar facility in Owia not operational? You see Vincentians, giving poor relief money is not progress, they give it to you so they can entrap you. I personally believe that the constitution needs to be revised, because at the end of your mandate, you should be held accountable for what you lied to the masses about. I do also believe that you should be paid based on your performance. This bloke personally to is a joke, I wonder what did you saw when you went to Trinidad with those two henchmen. Are you into the Shango Baptist now? SMH. I tell you, the level, people would go to be in power.

    1. Hey! stop telling the truth! Don’t you know we Vincentians want to be lied to? Unfortunately, Caesar too has to tell lies to be one of the boys.
      “Go along to get along.” The PM does not speak for him, but maybe he does speak for the PM???

  5. Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Saboto Caesar;

    Are you prepared to take the stance for our SVG promise land to “an atmosphere of hope,” to aide and enhance the “optimism and confidence” for the future of St. Vincent and the Grenadines? Go for it!
    ….”Our God is a way maker; our god is a miracle worker and he is the light in any darkness. I want to encourage all of us.”

  6. Our problems in agriculture have little to do with our agriculture policy. It has more to do with our economy. Our taxes, duties and government fees are so VERY HIGH that everything else in SVG is so expensive that no one will work for wages that are competitive with other nations. Our government is far too greedy! They are into spending money but do not realize that to create jobs to pay all this debt they need to reduce taxes, duties, fees to encourage investors. They have put themselves in a “catch 22”. They are backward thinkers and that is why we are a failed state.

  7. Bad news again. C. Ben [CIA] seems to be right again. What is wrong with you ppl. I don’t live in the West Indies but I have friends and family there. Reading everything here, I feel for them, especially the young people, as there seems to be no hope for them anytime soon. We [you] keep waiting for God to do a miracle. What a long wait. The government is incompetent and greedy. They are only sucking ppl’s blood. The people are by and large, ignorant, can’t think critically and live in abject poverty. All we do is talk. Most of the people hope that they get to immigrate in order to survive with a little dignity. The PM even has the balls to suggest that to young people(I read it right here).Well, there is no dignity in living in somebody else’s country when your own is far below the standards. All this little nation produces[main export] are economic refugees. And, believe me, nobody likes that. What a la la. Truly sickening.

    1. Be careful about writing the truth about things, “r”, there are so many that will attack you for it. I agree with all you say. If you talk like that in public on the streets of SVG you are treated like a terrorist. Many of us know that for change to occur we first need to realize and admit our mistakes,…such as the big beautiful liability of our new airport but Vincentians love doing things that make them look stupid and to remain in poverty, and to become even poorer. Very sad!
      As a collective we, government and public alike, are unable to analyze facts and make prudent decisions.

  8. What I find baffling is Saboto’s claim to being a good Christian. I think it is time for mummy and daddy to put him straight on being untruthful.

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