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James John

The virtual complainant, Sakaina John, left, and the accused, Chantae James outside the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown last Monday. (iWN photo)

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The trial of the Block 2000 woman accused of slashing a community College student three times in her face, slitting her lower lip in the process, will now take place on July 2.

The trial was initially set for last Monday but when the matter was called at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, prosecutor Corlene Samuel told Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett that the Crown was not ready to proceed.

Chantae James is charged that on March 29 at Paul’s Avenue, she wounded Lowmans Leeward resident Sakaina John, also known as Sakaina Sam.

A photo circulating on social media shows the lower half of Sam’s face with her lower lip slit perpendicular to her mouth and a cut to the right side of her face.

Chantea James
A man attempts to shield the accused, Chantae James, from photographers outside the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown last Monday. (iWN photo)

In the days after the incident, John’s mother, Susan John, a teacher, had commended the doctors at the Milton Cato Hospital for the “good job” they did in closing her daughter’s wounds.

Outside the court on Monday, the scar on John’s lip was barely noticeable, but that left by the wound to her cheek was very pronounced.

When the matter was called, Burnett observed that the women had the surnames of two of Jesus’ disciples.

John has rebutted, on Facebook, claims that the altercation that led to her injuries had anything to do with her and James’ alleged relationship with the same male.

After the matter was adjourned, John left the court in the company of her mother and other relatives and friends.

However, James, apparently trying to avoid press photographers, stayed inside the waiting area of the court for several minutes before exiting.

Woman outside court
This woman, claiming to be a justice of the peace, take towards iWN camera saying that we should photograph her instead of the accused woman. She falsely claim that one need permission to take photos of accused persons outside the court. (iWN photo)

When she exited, a man embraced her in an attempt to hide her from photographers.

Shortly after, a woman walked toward iWitness News’ camera saying that we should photograph her instead of James.

The woman further claimed that she was a Justice of the Peace and erroneously stated that the press should not take photographs of persons without their permission.

iWitness News pointed out to the person in the woman’s company that legally, one cannot reasonably expect privacy in public places.

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3 replies on “James, John knife attack trial on July 2”

  1. Reasonable expectation of privacy in a public place runs contra to known caselaw. Taking a pictures when leaving course is not a protected right according to the law of tort. Hence ,one cannot prosecute someone for taking pictures. The theory of dannum sin injuries is applicable. What do you have to say about this vincyal Lawyer?

    1. I responded on another thread that there is no law on the books in SVG that prohibits the taking of pictures in a public place. Therefore, accused persons have no special right.

      (I am almost tempted to say if you don’t want to be photograph, avoid any and all chances of being in the courts!!!)

      Side Note: Although, I wont have used the legal principle of “Damnum Sine Injuria” to try to explain what I think is a clear area of law. However, that is not to say that it would not be applicable/raised perhaps if the defendant attempts to say an action of tort has been committed against them.

      Additional Side Note: It’s really refreshing to hear the views of a law student on this level. Keep at it!

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