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Police on Tuesday shot and killed a man they said was a suspect in the March 15 robbery at Heritage Square that left two persons nursing bullet wounds.

Acting Commissioner of Police, Colin John told iWitness News that police were on mobile patrol in Gibson Corner around 3:45 p.m. when they saw suspect Raphael Chewitt, also known as “War Teacher”.

John said Chewitt — who was originally from Glen — appeared to have seen the police officers and began to run.

Police alighted their vehicle and gave chase and the man ran into some bushes.

The officers pursued the man, who reportedly brandished a pistol.

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Police opened fire, striking the man in the chest and arm, the police chief said.

He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where he was taken after the shooting.

The police chief said that police recovered a .45 semiautomatic pistol, eight rounds of .45 ammunition and portions of cocaine and marijuana.

Police in March arrested Rockies man, Kishorn Jackson, 26, and charged him that on March 15, 2018, at Heritage Square, Kingstown, he attempted to murder Errol Hinson of Enhams and Veron Williams of Kingstown Park.

Jackson was also charged with conspiracy to commit robbery at Heritage Square, also on March 15.

Kishorn Jackson
Kishorn Jackson has been charged with two counts of attempted murder and one count of conspiracy to commit robbery, in connection with the robbery. (iWN photo)

Hinson, 69, a security officer, received a gunshot to the left side of his jaw, while Williams, 43, of Kingstown Park, was shot in the left side of her back when a gunman attempted to rob the Lotto booth at Heritage Square.

Jackson was denied bail for two weeks while the virtual complainants in the matter were still in hospital.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias granted him EC$40,000 bail with one surety in early April.

Jackson was also ordered to report to the Central Police Station on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The next hearing in the matter is slated for June 28, 2018.

Jackson was nabbed at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where a vehicle dropped him off with an injury to his leg the morning after the robbery.

Law enforcement sources say that Jackson is believed to have injured his leg as he tried to evade police officers who had pursued him on the night of the robbery.

He was nabbed when police were summoned to the hospital after he reportedly became aggressive towards hospital workers as he demanded immediate medical attention.

iWitness News understands that while Jackson was charged with the crime, police were working with several theories about his actual role in it, even as they pursue additional suspects.

13 replies on “Police shoot, kill robbery suspect”

  1. The commissioner show have an operation call CLEAN UP. Now go hunt for the murderers them and clean up the place again. If jail to full the cemetery have space.#cleanup#

      1. Please tell me where is the innocent people. If the police can kill 10 more like him I will be very happy.#cleanup#

  2. Although I don’t believe in summary execution, if indeed he had a gun and coke , it means he was up to no good. Accordingly, this is one less criminal to deal with. I will say is that the chickens have come home to roost . You live by the sword and you will die by it, Karma, at least the taxpayersame bill will be less expensive.

  3. ….because somehow, some people think that it is okay to have illegal firearms, live rounds of ammunition and illegal drugs “casually” walking around at 3:45pm smh.

    I cannot even begin to phantom,if this young man was not apprehended, what could have been his intent at this hour of the day when so many people could have been in the area of this public place.

    Crime does not pay!!!! It never did and it never will!

  4. HIT THEM HARD! Hit them hard that is the only way forward.

    Zero tolerance should be the call of the day by our brave Police Officers. Bravo boys, bravo!

    I say go get em Bobby! Enough is enough! There is no justification or excuse for such criminals parading our land. If they do not have food to eat then they should try and find whatever work they can, even sweeping our roads for there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as it is just paid work. So let us just get working.

    There is no easy way in this life, just hard work, so enough of this liberalism that have caused these Gun carrying Crooks to intimidate hard working and Law abiding members of our community!

    Therefore let us now have total ZERO TOLERANCE by our brave Police Officers!

  5. Enough is enough says:

    You had me up until you to started in on liberalism. Liberalism is concern with tolerance and protecting individual God given rights/equality. These values are important to any civil society. Therefore it is highly unlikely that liberalism permits thugs the licence to commit these horrible crimes. The same way it doesn’t hinder police officers from carrying out their duty (to serve and protect the community) or stop prosecutors from properly demonstrating in a court of law why a thug should be lock up. Maybe instead of blaming liberalism for all that ills society we should examine what is painfully obvious. And what is obvious is we have a society (here) where the instruments (a substantial economy, gov’t/agencies (national and local), law enforcement (police departments, legal system) that would undermind criminality are not respected or valued. A significant increase in investments in these areas could significantly stymie the criminal elements. For example train and provide police officer with the tools necessary to do their job in the 21st century and hold them accountable when they fail to do their job. It’s fool hearted to believe police officers can and will kill all thugs roaming around, since not all of them are a ignorant enough to point a gun at officers or bystanders in their attempt to make an escape which is what make these kind of killing legal and not murder.

  6. I will like to know where these kind of people get these guns from. It is so frightening when you think about it. I have no sympathy for these men who carry around ilegal guns, I wish the police can get rid of all of them and make people feel safe again. People are so scared of being in their homes these days, a friend told me that they take turns to sleep at nights. fearing that doors or windows may be cut out even having buglar bars, Those two innocent people could have been killed – God knows how many more innocent people this war teacher might have robbed and killed He is now a peace teacher,

  7. The playing field is never level in St Vincent with respect to guide. Ownership. The gunslinger shave guns carring around but law abiding citizens have non such luxury. In Canada here crimeso are most likely solves. They have a lot of cameras around and good forensics scientists plus citizens involvement . Here in St Vincent one is afraid to report a crime because of fear of repercussions. Last year I visited St Vincent and a car passed by and the windows were heavily tinted tof the extent that it was impossible to see who the occupants were. I was later told that t b at car is owned by a well known gunslinger who was accused of several crimes. What is the government doing with respect vehicles that is so heavily tinted that you cannot see the occupants? I believe the reasons for those heavily tinted vehicles are to cover up their crimes. Vince lawyer I will appreciate you perspective on this matter.

  8. One common enemy brings a flock together.
    The projection of the “gun/gunman image” is very frighting and I don’t mean to sound cynical but society has failed our youths time and time again.
    To call them “criminals” and “killers”instead of sons and brothers simply defines our acceptance the ignorant dogma the plagues this nation.
    To invest in a youth reform center (Dodge) would be a work in vain if we continue along this path. It would only be a den of judgment for the same youths you claim you’re trying to help.
    Stop the abuse now.!
    The real criminal points the finger not a gun.
    If you haven’t learned that the pen ?? is more dangerous than the gun then you have no right to intelligence.

  9. Amos Greaves. says:

    Why are they carring guns around? Remember a gun slinger was executed in Casson hill when he tried to kidnap a law abiding citizen? Gun slingers are falling like rain, it’s open season on them. They will kill you next Judah. Let me hear what your family will say. They will say its unfortunate or being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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