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Acting Commissioner of Police, Colin John. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)
Acting Commissioner of Police, Colin John. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)
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Acting Commissioner of Police, Colin John says Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is doing its “very best” in its crime-fighting and crime-solving efforts.

John’s comments, on Monday, came as he spoke about the killing of two men, and abduction of four women in three separate incidents on the weekend.

As police investigations continued, post mortem examinations were slated to be carried out on Monday on the bodies of Maxwell “Bad Money” Nash, 40, of Chateaubelair, who was killed in Rose Place, Kingstown, and Ian Garfield Enoch, 50, of Brighton, who was found dead in Argyle Saturday morning.

John said suspects were in custody in connection with both killings and assured the public that he and his officers are paying attention to the crime situation in the country.

“As Commissioner of Police, I wish to inform the public that the Police High Command and the men and women, which I am honoured to lead, are doing their very best to detect crimes, prevent crimes, protect life and property and to bring to justice those persons who are responsible for committing these crimes,” John said in a written statement to the media on Monday.

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“To this end, I have deployed all of the resources that are readily available to us to combat crime,” the police chief said.

He said the public might have noticed a number of operations being conducted by the police throughout SVG.

“These operations will be sustained, so I am, therefore, asking the public for your cooperation and at the same time, urge you to be law-abiding,” John said.

“I wish to also thank members of the general public for the continuous provision of vital information that has assisted us in solving some of these crimes. I, therefore, call [upon] you once again to continue to assist us in this regard.

“Anyone with information that can help to solve these and other crimes are encouraged to call me personally, my other Commissioners or any member of the Police Force with whom you feel comfortable to share the information. Let us all play our part in keeping our beautiful country safe and secure. Remember, if you see something, say something,” the police chief said.

6 replies on “Police doing their ‘very best’ in fighting crime — chief”

  1. Duke DeArment says:

    I hope that what the commissioner says is serious. In my experience after being robed, the Calliqua police had no interest whatsoever to investigate or find the thief. It is no different since I moved to Central Kingstown. I think there are many great officers in the SVG Police, but a few that are in powerful positions, that I have personally met, that give an indication that they are corrupt. I have personally seen that often the bad officers get the promotions and awards and the best are kept down. Someone has a lot of work to do to first get the police force in order so that the public can begin to respect them more and crime will be reduced much more when the public helps the police. In my years as a law enforcement officer in the USA I realized how important it is that the public respects the police. At present it is often that the public have more respect for certain types of criminals than they do the police. Let us hope that is not a permanent part of our culture. We all know that many officers in many places of the world, to include SVG and the USA, believe they have the right to intimidate, bully and disrespect the public. In SVG it would be very easy to change that. I do not know why it is not being done. Too bad I am not in charge of the police here in SVG, I would make some very serious changes!
    At the same time the government should support jobs instead of doing everything possible to increase unemployment. Taxes have to be reduced so that we can attract investors. Few want to invest in a country that has some of the highest taxes, duties and governmental fees on earth. With more jobs, those inclined to commit certain crimes would have other things to do rather than the idle hands being pushed into the devil’s workshop.

  2. Collin does have a clue how to fight crime. As a youngster in Belair he was a coward , and still exhibit a coward mentality. We need a Randolph Burrows, then and only then criminals will get the message. Our justice system here in St Vincent is also soft on crime. Belle Isle is like a revolving door for criminals. Soon we we loose those off shore medical college because of run away crime. Minister of security take notice and put an end to this madness.

  3. If that what he call doing their best, only one advice here to the Collin, why don’t you just give the criminals the keys to the St. Vincent because the polices are not stopping nothing, seem to be they show up clueless to every crime wondering what going on, from where i am standing not for nothing it do look like the criminals are taking over St.Vincent

  4. what resources?????………what crime fighting mechanism or strategies???? clearly they ARE NOT EFFECTIVE , …….have you been keeping up with the news lately???? STABBINGS , KIDNAPPINGS, MURDERS, ROBBERIES , SHOOTINGS , all in one week . This is the problem , starting with the head failing to acknowledge that there is a serious problem that exists with crime .

  5. SVG needs social and economic changes along with educational changes and technology to help immensely curb crime and violence in the country . Police needs modern tools, training, weapons and information systems plus direct collaboration between defense force and police .
    Government needs to address and implement new systems and changes in the educational department to better help and equip school dropouts and failing schools or students . They should put their attention to developing industrial and trade schools to assist the academically challenged teens , this program can be extended in the prison systems as well to rehabilitate young offenders that earn placement. The next job would be either assist them with employment or train and assist them to be entrepreneurs to develop and build businesses in order to create jobs and be financially successful .

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