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The eight minibuses serving the Green Hill-Kingstown route will go on strike tomorrow, Monday.

Rohan Scott a spokesperson for the omnibus operators, told iWitness News that they have decided to take this action because the Ministry of Transportation and Roads, Bridges and General Services Authority are yet to respond to a letter sent to them two weeks ago about the condition of the roads.

Scott said that the roads in the Central Kingstown community are “very deplorable”.

“Right now, we are spending a lot of money in terms of maintaining the vans. We are basically fed up,” he told iWitness News.

He said that omnibus operated have to be constantly changing their vehicles’ changing shocks, ball joints and bushings.

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He said the minibus operators plan to go on strike for between three days and a week.

Scott said that if their concerns are not addressed by them, they will go on strike again.

6 replies on “Green Hill van drivers to strike”

  1. Dudes hold strain. Camillo just made a deal with Taiwan that will benefit you and your families. But it is not up to you guys alone. People from all across the nation, across all sectors should protest all the inequity in the land. You should be tired of seeing the same set of people getting all the benefits that belong to all of the people while the majority of the people get the shaft. Don’t give up.

  2. The public should strike too in an effort to get a comfortable and safe transportation experience like in our island neighbors.

  3. The problem is van drivers have no respect for themselves and no respect for each other. David is probably right they will stab each other in the back and work their striking colleagues routes whilst they strike.

    Some minivan drivers are sown into the hems of the dynasty and will do anything asked of them.

  4. It is high time the minivans drivers are being regulated, and If there are regulations in place they to be enforced.
    St. Vincent keeps on falling aback of neighboring islands where public transportation is concern. Loud uncomfortable music on vans and the disrespect dishes out to patrons commuting on these vans by drivers and conductors needs to be address by the government and security officials.
    Vincentians are labeled ignorant and novices to the ever advancing times. Patrons/Customers are given preference in developing nations, not so in SVG. Van drivers sees their vans as their property and no one should dictate what goes on on the van even when it is fill with passengers.
    Drivers and conductors speaks to their passengers the same as their dress code (any old way).
    I wish that with the authorities intervening into the present situation some sanity can return to the way things carry on.

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