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A staff member wears a pair of winter boots while standing in a pool of water inside the main Kingstown Anglican School building on Thursday.
A staff member wears a pair of winter boots while standing in a pool of water inside the main Kingstown Anglican School building on Thursday.

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union (SVGTU) said Thursday that it had advised teachers of the Kingstown Anglican School to withdraw their services, with immediate effect, due to deplorable working conditions.

The decision follows a visit to the school after members of the National Executive were alerted earlier that day, the union’s spokesperson, Jonathan Roberts said in a press statement.

Broken light fixtures at the Kingstown Anglican School.

“On arrival, the conditions at the school were deemed quite hazardous, and as a consequence, jeopardizes the safety of its occupants.

“Amongst other things are a roof with an extensive leak, water falling on light fixtures and electrical fittings, electric surges, and broken electrical outlets.

“Moreover, the members of staff are very uncomfortable with the structural inadequacies.

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“It gravely affects the teaching and learning process, as well as their psychological wellbeing. The SVGTU takes its responsibility seriously and will not sacrifice the safety of students, parents, its members or any other occupant of that building,” Roberts said.

A plastic sheet is used to cover an electrical fan where water is leaking from the roof of the school.

The visit took place amidst continuous heavy rains associated with a weather system that forecasters say is expected to linger until Friday.

Meanwhile, in an “urgent” press release sent to the media shortly after 11 a.m. on Thursday, the Ministry of Education advised parent and guardians of students attending the Kingstown Anglican School Annex that the school would be closed at noon.

A toilet bowl at the Kingstown Anglican School.

The ministry said this was “due to the discovery of an electrical problem”.

The ministry said that BRAGSA was on the ground and would conduct a complete assessment to ensure that the children are returned to a safe environment.

The ministry, therefore, asked parents to make arrangement to collect their children and announced that the school will reopen on Monday, Oct. 22.

A pool of water inside the Kingstown Anglican School on Thursday.

3 replies on “Rainwater in electrical fixtures forces school to close”

  1. A chronic lack of maintenance of public and private facilities is a leading features of backward, Third World countries.

    Other associated features include a failure to adhere to building codes, absent or inadequate building inspections or the bribing of inspectors and shoddy workmanship by poorly trained and motivated workers.

    Sound like any country we know?

  2. Jesus Christ! Is this the good work that the ULP is doing? Maybe they should put the FM in charge. He’s running full steam these days. Look at that toilet bowl. The school should be closed until these issues are fixed, for the safety and health of our school going children and teachers alike. Just the other day Mr Duke DeArment and others were asking that very question about the upkeep of school and other pubic property in SVG.

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