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SVG Professionals Taxi Association
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The SVG Professionals Taxi Association was launched last Thursday at the Cruise Ship Terminal in Kingstown.

This new association aims to offer professional and reliable taxi and tour operator services here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the group said.

President of the association, Arrington Burgin, speaking at the launching, stated that they are looking to change how taxis are operated in SVG with professional taxi drivers.

Burgin added that as an association they want to work together as a unit and a body.

At the launch, Minister of Tourism, Ces Mckie, reiterated that such an association is needed and will add to the transportation services in SVG, especially throughout this cruise season, which begins Nov. 1.

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The SVG Professionals Taxi Association is in partnership with Sentry Insurances Ltd. and the SVG Teachers Co-operative Credit Union.

Meanwhile, Sargeant Kenny Jones, who represented the Traffic Department of the Royal SVG Police Force, encouraged the members of the association to always be professional whether they are in uniform or not and should always adhere to the traffic laws.

A new executive was elected on Oct. 20 and comprises of president Arrington Burgin, Vice President Eli Francis, Treasurer Wayne Butler, Secretary Jamella Samuel, Public Relations Officer Demiron Samuel and Trustees Dollwin Dupont and Orvil Samuel.

9 replies on “New taxi group launched in SVG”

  1. (photo) Only missing straw hats to complete the perfect-impression. Uniformed taxi chauffeurs! That must be a first. Nine Taxi drivers? Won’t be enough. This service could grow fast. If Mckie doesn’t steal your money. You people are setting up an island-wide-uniformed taxi-drivers organization, With ULP backing but, no photo of Kenny Jones or Ces Mckie, who made it clear that this is a government scheme. Another magic-trick easter-egg from the ULP?

  2. Rawlston Pompey says:


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    Biblically, such comment appears to be a ‘…Fulfillment of the Scripture.’ The Scripture edifies that
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    Why on earth should they have worn ‘…Straw Hats? They are certainly not entertainers or souvenir vendors. You may also want them to have guitars in their hands as well.

    It may have been much better to offer congratulatory sentiments and encouragement to these Taxi Operators who have shown ‘…vision and ambition,’ in taking a service associated with the nation’s ‘…hospitality industry’ to a higher level, and with more professionalism.

    Well done guys. A step in the right direction. C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S.

    1. Shame on me, I should have known that you are just another well-camouflaged alligator in the river

      Obviously, you and I have totally different upbringing and education. I think that you simply cannot see the irony in this taxi endeavor.

      Then you start to run up your mouth using bible scriptures to back up your ignorance. Well boy, a lot of people have lost their lives in bible name. Or is it the birdie, who is your reference?

      You say you come from Gonslaves village? You obviously lack exposure. you simply can’t understand this monkey-band charade. (the photo)

      But really, I think that you are pretentious and refuse to see the truth. Soon the state will probably own or run most of everything in SVG. To me, that is just another way to subject poor people because when you hungry even dry bread and water does go down like bread and cheese and Mauby.

      Sometimes (like now) I realize that some Vincies lack exposure to realize that they are living in abject poverty and that they are being played by crooks and criminals. But not you, your are content to know that you grew up with Gonsalves eating from their family business in your village. Well..

      Next time, Please read between the lines, my ignorant prosecutor.

      But, You don’t know better. How long have you been trolling me, boy?

  3. Is it not Junior Bacchus in the bankground? There is an old adage that goes like this, “if you can’t beat them join them”

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  7. Jeremiah 9:6: Your dwelling place is in the midst of deceit; Through deceit they refuse to know Me,” says the Lord.

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