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Minister of Foreign Affairs, Louis Straker, has suggested that the media do not understand the implications of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ possible election to the Security Council of the United Nations.

He said on Monday that if that were the case, the media would not talk about potholes in the nation’s streets.

“I don’t even think that the media is seized of the great opportunity we have in doing this,” Straker, who is also deputy prime minister, said Monday at the biennial consultation in Kingstown with the nation’s heads of missions and consulates.

“It’s easy to talk about potholes in the street but if you are seized with the gravity of the situation that we are going to sit on the Security Council, the smallest country that would ever be sitting on the Security Council, then you realise that St. Vincent has come a long way,” he said at the event at which he also said that SVG was “on the verge” of sitting on the Security Council.

“Never mind what people would say about us, those who tend to criticise us because some people only have the downward look,” Straker said.

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“They can only look in the ground. We, as a government, not only have to look at the potholes in the ground but we have to have the upward look, because we have to look to the hills, from whence cometh our help. And we have to look at the outward look. We must look abroad to see where we can find the help and the encouragement to enable us to accomplish what we have and what we will accomplish.”

Louis Straker 1
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Louis Straker speaking at the event in Kingstown on Monday. (iWN photo)

SVG is, so far, the only candidate from the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States that has announced its intention to seek a non-permanent seat on the Security Council for the 2020-2010 term.

In early October, minibus operators servicing the Kingstown-Green Hill route withdrew their service because of the poor condition of the roads.

They returned to work after Minister of Works Sen. Julian Francis promised that the roads would be repaired the following week.

The media reported on the development, which occurred while Straker was in the United States, among other things, having “significant dental work done”, according to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

11 replies on “‘It’s easy to talk about potholes’ — Straker”

  1. Temporary membership on the Security Council where SVG would not even have a veto role is all about and only about flash and prestige for elites like Sir Louis.

    It would never put even one slice of bread on the table for rest of us masses who only have a potholed country to study.

  2. So, the people must stay silent until SVG’s POTENTIAL election??? We must bury our heads in the sand for the next year just for appearance purposes???? Please tell me my understanding of this article is flawed.

    I highlighted potential because the seat is not even guaranteed.

    I do not understand the utterances of the Honorable Minister at all.

  3. Well, Mr. Minister, keep looking up. Pretty soon your Taxpayers’ vehicle will drop in one of those potholes and really send you up up and away.

    1. I know Patrick you would never be so rude to say what most people will think you mean, you are of course talking about Whittington and his cat.

      Which reminds me of an appropriate saying about Dick Whittington and his cat, which is really rude. I would write it but Kenton would never post it.

      It’s great to see you making comments, if not quite rare.

  4. Getting on the Security Council is over a year away. Is Straker saying we should all be celebrating right now and until that occurs. What is the appointment on the Security Council going to do for the average Vincentian?…Nothing! Pot Holes are a far bigger concern to Saint Vincent than a tiny role on the Security Council that is only so we can be big shots.
    It shows how out of touch Straker is with the people of Saint Vincent. We could say that he is using this Security Council thing as a distraction for all the real problems in Saint Vincent. Anytime a problem comes is he going to come out and say “Security Council, Security Council!”?

  5. They cannot fix the potholes in the roads nor provide basic security from murderers and crooks, even in our smallest village, yet they wish to advise the world on security. What misplaced grandiose ambition!

    We see where this bunch’s priorities are. Is it not high time that they demit Office?

    1. LOL…You are right! How can we sit on a board advising on World Security when we cannot provide basic security right here at home. Not to mention that the seat gives us no power whatsoever. It will do nothing for any Vincentian or anyone on planet earth just cost us more tax money.

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