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An internet photo of a male in handcuffs.
An internet photo of a male in handcuffs.
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Police have arrested and charged nine persons in connection with the last 11 homicides, as told to the media on Wednesday by acting Commissioner of Police Colin John.

“As I always do when I am given this opportunity, I thank the members of the public for their continued support to the police.

“We have been doing a relatively good job. For the last 11 or so homicides, we were able to arrest about nine persons, so I think we are heading in the right direction and we were able to achieve that statistic because of the assistance of the public,” John said.

“And I just want to thank the public for their continued support and their continued confidence in the police,” he said.

“Persons may question that but I can say that the public, generally, have confidence in the police and we are doing all that we can to increase that confidence.

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“Confidence can only be increased by proactive policing and ensuring that the customer service from within the police force is paramount,” the police chief said.

3 replies on “9 persons charged for last 11 homicides”

  1. One of things I can proudly say unlike most other Caribbean Islands Vincentians are usually forthcoming with information relating to violent crimes. Unfortunately, I do not think the Police capitalize on the good will of the Vincentian people.

    Though I am critical at times in a constructive manner, I must commend the Royal Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force for their deligence and dedication in bringing the culprits of these heinous crimes to justice. Their are a fews things however that can make the police force allmost perfect:

    1. Very Good Leadership-Getting there
    2. Regular and Excellent Training across all levels
    3. Optimizing the Use of advance technology
    4. Restructuring the Organization with a view to decentralize key functions
    5. Establishment of a fully staff professional standards unit and the implementation of a code of ethics
    6. Establishment of a forensic support units or teams at all police stations and post
    7. Appointment of evidence costodians and the construction of proper exhibit rooms at al Police Stations and post.
    8. A very well articulated strategic plan with performance indicators
    8. A robust and very focused anti gang and gun strategy
    9. Greater police presence in our communities
    10. A robust and focus road policing strategy aimed preventing recklessness on our roads particulary among mini bus operators
    11. Unionizing the Police Force so the men and women can have fair representation withiout victimization
    12. Converting the Police Training into the, “Saint Vincent and the Grenadines College of Policing and Strategic Studies”

    The future of the Police Force can only become better with complete support of the Government. However, Governments interferance in determining the leadership of the Force and into the operation of the Force must be dicourage.

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