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The accused, Paval Patterson. (Photo: Grenada Informer)
The accused, Paval Patterson. (Photo: Grenada Informer)
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A 20-year-old Vincentian man, said to be from Chateaubelair, has been remanded to prison in Grenada until next Monday, on a charge of money laundering.

Paval Patterson was denied bail when he appeared before a magistrate in St. George’s on April 3, two days after he was arrested.

He is alleged to have had some $26,000 in bag he was carrying when police arrested him in Carriacou two days earlier.

The Grenada Informer has reported that Patterson was arrested moments after disembarking an inter-island ferry.

He was handed over to the Financial Intelligent Unit in Grenada, which later brought the charges against him.

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Patterson was not represented when he appeared in court and the prosecution objected strongly to his bail, telling the court that he had no ties to Grenada and could be a flight risk if he were granted bail.

The accused man told the court that he has been in Grenada for two years and that he had entered the tri-island nation legally, through the island of Carriacou.

He further told the court that he is expecting a baby soon.

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