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The deceased George Samuel, right, and his widow, Iris Samuel.
The deceased George Samuel, right, and his widow, Iris Samuel.
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An Evesham woman is struggling with the suspected murder of her husband and the fact that police have taken their two sons into custody as part of a homicide investigation.

Dead is George Samuel aka “Coban”, 56, a farmer, of Evesham, whose body was found Tuesday night in a shallow grave about 100 yards from his home.

The death ended his 21-year marriage to Iris Samuel. The couple had two sons and a daughter.

Iris told iWitness News in Evesham on Wednesday that police took her younger son, Keron Samuel, 19, into custody Tuesday night after his father’s body was unearthed.

On Wednesday, detective took the older son, Keon Kendol Samuel, 34, into custody as the investigation continued.

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Iris told iWitness News that she lives between two houses, located about half mile apart in the Marriaqua village, while her husband lived in one of those same houses with their sons.

She said she last saw Coban on Saturday when he gave their daughter a ride to a nearby community.

Iris became concerned when her husband did not come by on Monday night as he would usually do.

She, however, dismissed it saying that he might have had a hard day and would visit on Tuesday.

She wanted him to do something for her on Tuesday and was looking forward to seeing him.

However, when Coban did not visit by early afternoon Tuesday, Iris called his cell phone but did not get an answer.

She then decided to visit his house to check on him.

Iris said she waited in vain for Coban at the house where he lives with their sons.
She said she decided to check to see if he had gone to the mountains, where he farms.

However, the woman saw, at the house, her husband’s work clothes and boots that he usually wore to the farm.

“Me say, ‘No. This is not [like] he’,” Iris recounted, adding that Coban’s cutlass was also at the house.

Further, his pickup was in the garage, the key to the vehicle was on the table and his phone was in a basket, where he doesn’t usually leave it.

The woman said that Keron, who does not talk to her because of a dispute they had had, was in the yard.

She said that Coban had taken Keron back into the home after she had obtained the assistance of the police to evict him because of what she said was his bad behaviour.

Iris told iWitness News that while at Coban’s house, she began reasoning to herself, saying out loud that she was wondering where her husband was and that she wanted him to do something for her.

However, Keron did not comment, but responded when she asked about who had changed the curtain at the front door.

The widow said Keron told her that Coban had changed the curtain and on hearing this, she became uncomfortable because that is not something that Coban would do. 

“Me pick me bag and me lead out because to me I know Coban wouldn’t change no curtain. Me kinda feel uncomfortable,” the widow told iWitness News.

She said that about 3 p.m., about one hour after she initially went to Coban’s house, she went back to the second house where she also stays, and asked patrons at a shop next door, where Coban usually hangs out, if they had seen him.

 When they said no, Iris told iWitness News she thought something was fishy.

One of the men asked if Coban had animals and when she said he had a sheep, they suggested that they search the areas where he ties the animal to see if he had fallen ill there.

As the search continued sometime after dusk, they followed a track and began noticing some bushes had been chopped down and others were trampled.

A member of the search party lifted up a bush in an area where there was a foul odour, and revealed what appeared to be blood.

They then decided to call the police, who later realised that someone was buried there.

“Me say ‘Oh God, nah say so!’” Iris told iWitness News.

She said that Keron, the younger son, was present when police uncovered the body, but he said nothing.

Iris had earlier sent Keon, the older son, back to the house, because he appeared not to have understood why so many persons were in the yard and was asking who they were and why they were there.

She said that when her husband’s body was removed from the shallow grave, she noticed he had what appeared to be a curtain rod wrapped around his neck.

“I said, ‘Oh no! Is strangle they strangle him’,” Iris said, adding that she then broke down in tears.

Samuel said that the death of her husband and the fact that her sons have been taken into custody for it have left her feeling sad, adding that the latter is an unexpected development.

4 replies on “Sons in custody as police probe man’s death”

  1. Rawlston Pompey says:


    A mother was not only distraught, but also may have been given good reasons to suspect that at least, one of her two sons was responsible for the sudden disappearance of her husband and his father.

    Commendably, endeavoring to find the whereabouts of her husband, she maintained her composure as she almost single-handled led a probe into his disappearance from his home. She had not only provided this news portal with a story, but also ‘,,,vital leads for investigators to follow. These are contained from what might be deduced from this news story;

    (a) …Two-dwelling houses that provide for alternate spousal residency;
    (b) …One occupied by the wife;
    (c) …The other by the husband;
    (d) …Two sons, sharing residency with their father and her husband;
    (e) …The younger son was reportedly evicted from one of the houses for ‘,,,bad behavior.’
    (f) …Police assisted in the eviction.
    (g) …There were strained relations between mother and young son;
    (h) …Father subsequently took him back in.

    (h) …An expected visit by the husband to his wife’s home never occurred;
    (i) …Phone calls went unanswered;
    (j) …Visit to her husband’s home by wife revealed his farm clothes and boots, cutlass, cellular phone and vehicle were at home.

    His whereabouts were not known.




    (n) …Sensing possible danger, the ‘…Probing Wife,’ with presence of mind, beat a hasty retreat.
    (o) …Determined to find her husband, she reportedly launched a search with patrons at a nearby shop.

    The search revealed a horrific sight ‘ a grave covered over with apparent freshly cut green bushes.

    Unearthed from the makeshift grave was the body of her husband, gruesomely showing a length of a flexible ‘…curtain rod wrapped around the neck.’

    This may have confirmed her suspicions that not only something was ‘…fishy’ when patrons at the shop said they had not seen her husband, but also one of her sons may have been his likely murderer.

    1. She needs to be on the investigation team of the police force. Observation is key and she has the skills she single handedly caught her husband killer.

  2. Brian Charles says:

    SVG needs a spiritual cleansing. Son asking mother for intercourse, sons alleged to have murdered father. WT….

    I mean something is wrong here. No way this is normal.


  3. This is very heartbreaking to murder your own parent. I hope justice is served and bring closure. RIP Conan.

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