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A UK-based band has pledged to promote St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) tourism and help keep young people in education.  

The band, based in London, England, participated in Vincy Mas 2019 under the heading “Tempo Mas UK – Purple Army Monday Band”.

Tempo Mass UK founders Akil “DJ Choc-T” Caruth and Sharn “DJ Icebergg” Hamilton, both Vincentians living in the UK, said their goal is to give back to their country of birth.           

Caruth, son of late calypsonian Patrick “Ptani Bra” Dasent, said: “Sharn and I live in the UK, but SVG will always have a special place in our hearts and will always be our home. This is why we have decided to bring our band to Vincy Mas 2019. We want to use every opportunity to market and promote our beautiful island, and to preserve and enrich our culture through education.

“We at Tempo Mas believe in equal opportunity for all and we understand the importance of empowering and supporting our young people. This year we donated 1200 books to primary Schools In SVG. In 2020 We would like to help by sponsoring students in high schools and colleges and also provide classroom aids to primary schools.” 

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Tempo Mass UK has also sponsored beauty pageants this year and supporting segments of the rural soca monarchs.

Hamilton, originally from Sion Hill, said he hopes their social enterprise approach will really make a difference in SVG.

He added: “We will be investing some of our profits into back-to-school programs, vocational courses and cultural events.

“We are not millionaires. We are the people you see every day on the road, in the shops and in your neighbourhood. At the end of the day we are just two regular Vincentians that are happy to help and be a part of something great. Together we can help make a difference by changing one life at a time.”

The band, through its representatives in SVG, Ronela Lampkin and Hans “SimpleX” Edwards, donated books to the following schools: Chateaubelair Methodist, Belmont Primary School, Richland Park Primary And Cane End Primary School.

The group said they also donated books to other schools and religious institution but we are unable to mention their name for religious reasons and their disassociation from carnival.