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SVG Namibia ties
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St. Vincent and the Grenadines has established diplomatic ties with Namibia, located in southern Africa. 

Kingstown’s Ambassador to Cuba, Ellsworth I.A. John and Ambassador Samuel Hendrik Goagoseb, Namibia’a envoy in Havana signed a joint communiqué establishing formal ties on Dec. 5.

Both ambassadors spoke about the importance of building not only on the linkages between our two countries, but also between Africa and the Caribbean, a press release said.

“Despite its large landmass, Namibia has a population of just over two million people and is renowned for its beautiful landscape.  

“The two ambassadors pledged to begin working on a technical corporation agreement between the two countries which would include cultural and educational exchanges,” the press statement said. 

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Goagoseb is designated as non-resident ambassador for Namibia to SVG and he is expected to present his credentials to Governor General Susan Dougan in Kingstown soon.

23 replies on “SVG, Namibia establish diplomatic ties”

  1. Why ask if this yet another case of Birds of a feather? When corrupt politicians and Civil servants run scams for the benefit of their family and friends what shall we say?

    People are often known by the friends they keep and also those that they seek to associate with. So, who would ever associate SVG with Namibia, this distant parched land where life’s struggle is just as ravenous as SVG and some of its people even just as poor?

    What shall we say to these things when politicians cosy up? The “Codfather caught in bribery scandal: Fishing boss steps down from British firms amid probe into £6m handed to ministers in Namibia”.

    This is parts of Namibia in contrast to SVG and who the scammers would rip off. “The village with no men: Women and children of Namibian tribe live in isolation for MONTHS at a time as droughts force the males to travel long distances to look after herds”.

    1. ROYDONZZZ afrovincy says:

      What makes it so pointless? It saddens that you cannot see beyond yourself. But then again even that may be pointless to you.

  2. Stop Using U

    Prime Minister, Our Ancestry is from that part of the world and your Slave families bounded us and brought from those same Countries ( Your socallso- Diplomatic ties.
    Sir, we never let go of our DNA, our African roots .

    The only thing sir, is that you are reminding Us that your Trade Slave families brought us and Sold us to the plantocrop (land owners and worked them to death.

    You cannot run away from your family history with all your covering from Reparations to so call Diplomatic ties. Another Election game.

    Putting salt again in our wound

    My to cents

  3. Mica country Montreal, Quebec Canada says:

    Election gemic. Why would a PM wanted to associated himself with such country where so many underpriviledge families cant afford the basic nessasities of life?. I never once read neither heard our country going to have diplomatic ties with Canada considering the fact its a rich country that can bring economical growth to SVG.

    1. Dear friend they say ignorance is bliss, but is it. SVG and Canada are both members of the British Commonwealth and have had diplomatic ties since 1979/80.

      The reason for linking with other states is because the system of international scrounge based on SVGs UN vote for sale demands more and more such dirty countries coming within reach of SVG’s tin cup with a handle on it.

  4. Why are we connecting up will more of these rubbish countries?

    Corruption and human rights are a big problem in Namibia and the police are ultra corrupt and thrive on bribery.

    It is estimated that about 16 600 people are living in conditions of slavery in Namibia, while government has had an inadequate response to addressing the problem.

    In 2019 the incumbent political party won Namibian election amid corruption scandal.

    Namibias kings and chiefs sold millions of their citizens into the Atlantic slave trade system, they sold our ancestors.

  5. ROYDONZZZ afrovincy says:

    People see politics in everything. I am a Vincent living in Africa. Namibia is a well off country. It is even considered as one of the safest countries in Africa. It’s good that SVG is now putting much effort into establishing relations with a lot of our ancestral countries. It’s the correct thing to do. The closer these countries are to us the easier it is for the enlightened to sweep away the ignorance that governs our minds.

    Thinking that Africa is all corruption, poverty, crime and suffering can be compared to the notion that superman really exist. Some comments above reveal their intent to fly over our world and fight against galaxies of aliens. Good luck guys. Lol

  6. We must also remember, like SVG Namibia is little more than another Cuban satellite

    Cuba–Namibia relations refer to the current and historical relationship between Cuba and Namibia. Cuba politically, militarily and diplomatically supported the South West Africa People’s Organization (SWAPO) during the Namibian War of Independence. Cuba provided military training for the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN), SWAPO’s armed wing. As a result of this involvement Namibia usually supports Cuban policies on the international level, like in the case of the requested release of the Cuban Five.

    That’s why we have now taken instructions from Cuba to link with this country.

  7. It’s a sea of Blue up there in England, where the voting people have rejected the pseudo-Marxist Labour Party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn with his jobs destroying policies. They have opted instead in favour for Brexit from the left leaning EU and for a Political party whose anthem is Jobs creation in Britain and the policy of Brexit and world-wide trade.

    Jeremy Corbyn who had advocated the policies of Cuba and Venezuela has been thoroughly rejected by the British people, who would prefer an open society geared to jobs creation, rather than the destructive Marxist policies of the Labour Leader and his Party.

  8. When making a statement like this one, “Namibia is a well off country” ROYDONZZZ AFROVINCY, it is a pity that all of its people do not share in that well-off-ness ROY!

    And alike SVG, any likely prosperity appears to be divided up by the few rather than the many. This is so sad knowing that a great many individuals in Namibia had given their lives in hope of better!

    1. ROYDONZZZ afrovincy says:

      Where in the world have you been and have experienced full equality and the no existence of poverty. Many politicians make mistakes on proper governance but their are many oportunities in African countries especially for people who are educated, adventurous and have an open mind. Being here made me realize that culture, customes and tradition have a strong hold on many african nations and unwillingness to accepting change can influence their present state. To understand these things you have to be here.

  9. I wonder who is going to occupy the many diplomatic functions at the SVG embassies and consulates around the world. lard, poor we, we jus gettin ript off at evry ton.

  10. You are wondering right R! In order to satisfy the large ego and unseen desires of the Gonsalves, we the poor suffering people of SVG must pay the cost, as we sink and drown in more debt for the family and its cronies to swan around the world.

    There are always unseen motives when politicians and their families do things. We have seen the scams that were uncovered in Namibia, Grenada and Dominica recently, well here is the latest as was uncovered by Zimbabwe authorities. It involved Marry Mubaiwa, the wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga and just under one million Dollars.

    So my dear R, you just have to get accustom to our neglected environment and extensive poverty while the elite further their own ends.

    1. Have you noticed how all the ALBA member countries diplomats want to wash their money in Dubai? Maduro and several ALBA chiefs have secretly bought houses there. SVG recently bragged they now have a Boeing 747 shuttle between SVG and Dubai, God only knows what happened to it since it went and got registered in Barbados.

  11. It appears as if the young people of SVG are very patient. They too must be reading the papers, watching TV, reading books and communicating? SVG could use some social reforms and public awareness initiatives. Thanks for the heads-up.

  12. Yes Jolly, I am indeed aware that SVG was mentioned during those investigations in the Cash for Passports.

    The regime’s sycophant going by the name of AL had no reply for me when asked about the same, and nor could AL throw any light on the non-national ambassadors we appear to have, nor what ever became of that threat to take legal action against those BBC reporters in the David Ames affairs.

    It is so sad that so many of these red attired, red flag waving individuals loot the national treasury, dispose of national assets and pocket the cash while the rest of the nation drown in poverty. We read that;

    Angola recovers more than $5bn in stolen assets. The money includes $3bn stolen from the country’s sovereign wealth fund, according to the justice minister.

    According to a 2001 report by the USA, during his time in office and before his death, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was rumoured to have salted away over a billion US dollars. Where it is today who knows as some of his family fights for the 10 million discovered so far. This week we learn of the arrest of “The wife of Zimbabwe’s vice-president, Constantino Chiwenga.”

    On Thursday the 5th December 2019 the dysfunctional United Nations called for some $200 million in extra funding to help four million Zimbabweans unable to buy food due to drought and triple-digit inflation. Yet we learn that Zimbabwe’s vice president was illegally transferring large sums of moneys to South Africa.

    “The wife of Zimbabwe’s vice-president, Constantino Chiwenga has been accused of attempting to kill him by disconnecting his life support while he was undergoing treatment in hospital this year. She is accused of illegally transferring almost US$1m overseas to purchase luxury cars and property, and faces additional charges of attempted murder”. All this while Zimbabweans struggle to find food and medicines

    Celebrations often comes far too soon when dictators vacate office as we see here! For the trouble with the human condition is that the best of men are just men at best!

  13. By the way JOLLY we cannot forget this recent incident a few weeks ago too, in relation to Gonsalves close friend from St Kitts and the Cash taken by the British National Crime Agency:

    “Ex-prime minister of Saint Kitts is held at Gatwick Airport, UK after he tried to leave Britain with £70,000 in cash. Denzil Douglas was detained at the airport by UK Border Force three weeks ago. Why? Because “He could not explain why he was attempting to leave the country with the cash. It is thought that Dr Douglas is subject of a probe by the National Crime Agency”

    This is the same individual who had this to say in February of this year. He “Says passports acquired through fraudulent means will be revoked if he comes to power”.

    Is this the same individual who was in Office when that Iranian entered Canada on a Diplomatic Passport that triggered American investigation into the whole rotten business or was, he not? One wonders how that Iranian acquired the same? Or the same with that former Nigerian Oil Minister and that Dominican one? There appears to be money in dem dear passports dread! As Bob say “Dem belly full”!

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