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An internet photo of a bag of garbage.
An internet photo of a bag of garbage.
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Two Caratal neighbours who are related have been bonded over a common assault charge.

Magistrate Bertie Pompey, recently, put Kendol “Daryie” Sandy and Nadine Walker on a bond of EC$1,000 each or four months imprisonment in default. 

The magistrate handed down the sentence at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court in the case in which he dismissed a common assault charge against Sandy, because a police officer did not sign the arrest warrant. 

The court heard that on Aug. 3, about 6:10 a.m., Walker was cleaning her yard when garbage stored near a cherry tree on the defendant’s compound was scattered by fowls and landed on Rabacca sand in Walker’s yard.

Walker told the court that she swept the garbage and threw them back under the cherry tree when she heard a voice saying, “Nah throw no more! Nah throw no more!”

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She said when she looked up, she saw Sandy and told to him, “Ah whose garbage? Is alyo garbage!” 

Walker said Sandy went into her yard “and chuck me in my chest and I fell on the Rabacca sand”.

She said that after she fell, she got back on her feet and “chuck” Sandy, who, as he was leaving, told her “Alyo does beg for somebody mash up alyo f***ing face. Before the year done, I must f*** you up”.

When asked by Prosecutor Assistant Superintendent of Police John Ballah if she received injuries, Walker told the court that she received a scratch to the chest from Sandy’s fingernail.

The magistrate said that he was going to place Sandy on a bond.

At this point, the prosecutor rose and recommended that both parties be bonded, adding that there was an on-going feud between the two.

“She did say that when she fell, she got up and struck him back,” Pompey said. 

While she was giving evidence, it emerged that the arresting officer, WPC 605 McDowall did not endorsed the arrest warrant.

As a result, the prosecutor sought the indulgence of the court.

Pompey, a retired deputy commissioner of police, reprimanded the officer, saying:

“How you all make that mistake?” 

It was the second time that the magistrate was reprimanding an officer for the day. 

Earlier, he reprimanded another officer who said he could not recall the dates for a particular matter.

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