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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves says that while there is much “anxiety”, “hysteria”, even in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, over the COVID-19 virus, the illness is likely to claim fewer lives than homicides did last year.

Gonsalves told a media conference, on Tuesday, that he knows that for some people, the illness, one case of which has been confirmed in SVG will bring out the best.

It will, however, bring out the worst in others, he said.

“It is in the nature of life and living. But I’m hoping that for the overwhelming majority of us, we will be able to say at the end of this, individually, and we, as a people, came out of this difficult period better, stronger and that the best what we could be, we came out and we came out of it with real love. 

“Maybe I am — well, I’m the Prime Minister of this country and I don’t think that what I asked there is too high a request of our people.

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“I put this in context to such a way. For the last seven days, there have been a lot of heightening of people’s — fear, anxiety even hysteria and I said last year we had 20-something homicides.

“We are unlikely between now and the end of the year to have 26 deaths from COVID. I hope we don’t have one.”

Gonsalves said that in the seven days ending Monday, SVG had recorded three homicides “while we are with everything consumed”.

He said he was not saying that COVID-19 was not important “but we must talk about it and focus on it and it has been getting a lot of attention from the government.

“In the meantime, a young woman was killed in Park Hill,” he said.

He was referring to the March 7 slaying of Mickeisha Gumbs, 26, in her home village, allegedly by her boyfriend, Vandyke King.

The woman’s death dominated headlines and national discussion until the government announced, on March 10, that a woman in SVG had tested positive for COVID-19.

Gonsalves further said that a young man was killed in Redemption Sharpes and a man in Collins allegedly killed his grandfather on Sunday.

“That’s three more persons died in a sudden and unnatural way, and none has as yet died from COVID,” the prime minister said.

He continued: “But yet we ain’t even reflecting sufficiently on those. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be concerned about the COVID.  And I am, but I just want to lead in this matter; in a different way,” he said.   

9 replies on “COVID-19 unlikely to match SVG’s 2019 homicide rate — PM”

  1. One death by virus or one death by homicide are both too many deaths, one death for any reason other than end of life natural is one too many. This simply confirms Ralph Gonsalves is an experiment in Artificial Stupidity. I blame the Cubans for his unbelievable silly remarks, they insisted he got the poodle brain transplant.

    Some of you may remember when Peter Binise wrote this

    The Cubans have been breeding poodles and harvesting their brains for transplant. They believe the poodle is the most intelligent of all dogs; therefore their brains would be an improvement for people like those of the ULP regime leaders.

    The only problems are the side effects. Shagging peoples dogs in the streets, crapping in the park, pissing up trees and poles and sometimes briefcase’s, chasing moving car tires, howling at night and licking their own arses and the arses of others.

    Now Comrade using your very own wordology, doesn’t that sound like your sort of “worthless dirty ——-”?

  2. One case? (One male returning from Guyana? One female returning from England?) Are you sure? You take people lives for a joke?

  3. For the benefit of the reader:
    All these weeks I have been searching to find out if those that have recovered from this virus are afterwards immune from it. The answer is NO! Finally China has informed us that there are many that have gotten this virus a second time and a few have even died. A Russian scientist claims that the virus is far less effective at temperatures over 27 degrees Celcius, but keep in mind that the area round your nasal passages are among the coolest parts of your body because the air you breath is normally lower than body temperature. I am no doctor or researcher but I believe that the reader can consider this information and do thier own research at a time of the “Disinformation Age” of fake news and fake science. Seek accurate information and make the best judgment you can, your health is a top priority.

  4. So Cuba is wrong as well? Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel just said the country is temporarily barring tourists in order to prevent the introduction of more cases of coronavirus, the Associated Press news agency reported.

    Diaz-Canel and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz said in an announcement on state television that only residents of the island would be allowed to enter for the next 30 days starting Tuesday.

  5. Professor King says:

    While I usually support the PM, I must say that this statement is irresponsible. We should not slight the potential impact of COVID-19 (look at what is happening all over the world; in more developed economies than ours). We need level-headed leadership in a time such as now.

  6. Percy Palmer says:

    Ralph should cancel July Carnival immediately. People from the UK, US and even Canada can bring in the virus for the carnival and pass it around like to the population. Many people have the virus and don’t even know it. Please don’t mess with people’s lives and health.

    1. You’re right. Cancel all events where large public attend, like Cinemas and CHURCHES. Probably even the fish and fruit markets and rum shops until this passes. The best thing to do is look out for yourselves because when things go wrong, big belly Ralph Gonsalves and his cronies will say it is up to parents and the general public, not his government [ ]. This is a good time to clean up the main town area.

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