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St. Vincent and the Grenadines now has 21 active cases of COVID-19, after six new cases were confirmed on Sunday.

The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) said the new cases were confirmed with  the receipt of results from the CARPHA Public Health Lab, in Trinidad, late Sunday evening.

Four of the cases are from the AA 945 flight which arrived on Saturday, July 18, from Miami.

One case is a Vincentian returning home from Antigua and one was found on exit screening for a Vincentian who visited briefly from Barbados.

“The process of informing and contact tracing has commence,” NEMO said.

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A total of 50 confirmed COVID-19 cases has been recorded in SVG, with 29 recoveries and zero deaths.

“The importance of strict compliance to all quarantine and isolation orders is paramount. It is only by complying with these orders and the use of masks in public spaces that the spread of COVID-19 can be controlled in St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” NEMO said.

5 replies on “21 active cases of COVID-19 in SVG”

  1. Dr. Dexter Lewis says:

    STOP THESE FLIGHTS. We are playing with fire and not understanding it, so let me try to bring some reality to this situation.
    The reason epidemiologists talk about this virus as increasing “exponentially” is because that is very different from increasing by addition. Exponentially means the virus increases by multiplication, not addition. So if you have 10 infected people how soon before you get to say 160 if your rate of infection is 2 every 5 days? That would take 4 turns or less than 3 weeks to go from 10 infected people to 160 infected people.
    But if you start with 21 infected people, how many infected people do you have in the same 3 weeks? No, it is not twice as much, nor 3 times, nor 4 times. Starting from a base of 21 with the same infection rate, you would have 672.
    How many rooms are there at the hospital? How many doctors do we have? Would other islands accept any of our patients?
    The rate of 2 changes depending on circumstances for the virus: how many people wear masks? Can the hospital mitigate the rate? Are we big party goers? Do we keep adding to the base hoping nothing would happen? STOP THESE FLIGHTS

  2. Someone has to post news news from the other side rather than the “end of the world” heavily falsified Covid-19 hysteria affecting so many that watch the Corporate Media news:

    Many in the Global Establishment want you to believe YOU are going to die unless you DO EXACTLY AS FAUCI AND HIS TEAM TELL YOU! Start by social distancing and locking yourself indoors DON’T GO TO WORK, INSTEAD BORROW MONEY! and take Bill Gates or Big Pharma’s expensive vaccine as soon as possible: If you take the knee and go protest for Black Lives Matter that is allowed. Church is NOT ALLOWED! If you go to church you are gonna die! Stay away from time-proven medicines that do NOT make Big Pharma rich!

    If you do not rush to keep a mask on at all times and put UNPROVEN chemicals into your body that costs alot of money you are going to die. If that does not kill you the CO2 levels will melt all the ice and are going to flood you, so we also have to accept Bill Gates flooding the atmosphere with Aluminum Oxide and all kinds of other chemicals TOXIC to life, so that we can be saved. Forget Trump, Joe Biden has all the answers, His racist statements were the fault of his speech writer not his, and he did remember his wife’s name.

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