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Chester Morgan.
Chester Morgan.
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By Chester Morgan

Dear Minister of Sports:

Series 1:  On upgrading our National Sports Policy:

Objective 1: Increased participation in sports and physical activities.

Action plans:

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1. Make it mandatory that physical education become a subject for all students of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

2. Use all the facilities we presently have and place some simple exercising tools, such as pull up bars and a kids’ section, where slides and swings are present.

3. Seek a national day of recreation, where activities are done within the communities on the street. For example, let traffic flow over Plan area in Layou and use the main road to a biking competition, running, netball, etc.

4. Work with early childhood care and education services and organisations to ensure that pre-school practitioners, providers, and parents/guardians are supported in improving the physical activity habits of very young children in their care; including the development of improved physical literacy outcomes.

5. Highlight to teachers and parents/guardians messages around the positive relationships between sports participation and exam performance in our efforts to attenuate the drop off that occurs in participation levels around exam years.

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One reply on “Upgrading our National Sports Policy”

  1. Good points Mr. Mogan. Things can happen if people with proper motive work together. How about each constituency have sport day or weekend. Most have about 4 villages or more each village bring a teem to compete in different events. With a properly plan event sponsors will come. A local business in the community might sponsor a team. It can also serve as a economic stimulus for the community as food and drinks will be on sale.

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