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By Anthony Stewart, PhD

Some have found the pattern of voting contrary to the opinion polls and are wondering what accounts for this? The extent and nature of treating and bribery, if any, are yet to be determined. Whatever the case many appreciated the love boxes, gifts of lumber, galvanize, cement, money, and temporary jobs. The last-minute transfer of voters, however, is the chief suspect.

Forensic examination of those last transfers from one constituency to another may reveal the truth of the matter and determine the effect, if any, on the outcome of the elections.

Ordinary citizens are the best watch dogs in this process. A list of those transferred during the last registration period should be published together with their address. It may not be fair to the people living in a constituency for outsiders to intrude and influence who their representative would be. The elections are over and those visiting voters would have since returned to their legitimate homes.

Undoubtedly, candidates who benefited would appreciate the help received. However, those who aided and abetted this action must be held accountable.

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It appears that votes in the New Democratic Party strongholds increased while those of the Unity Labour Party decreased. Were ULP supporters encouraged to move their registration illegally to apparent marginal seats? This is not rocket science and a determination can be made with proper investigation.

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