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sexual assault
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The parents of a 12-year-old secondary school student have been urged to report to the police an incident where four of her schoolmates, ages 16, 17, and 18, forced her to perform oral sex on them. 

A source familiar with the incident showed iWitness News a five-minute video of the act, which one of the students is said to have recorded.

All of the students are in uniform, and the incident is said to have taken place at an old house close to their school.

When the girl’s mother found out about the incident, she went to the school, where the principal suggested that the matter be dealt with in-house and not by the police.

A member of the school’s staff advised the parents to report the incident to the police.

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iWitness News was unable to verify whether such a report had been made.

The oldest of the teens, along with his younger brother, who is also a student at the school, initiated the sex act, the source said.

When the teens’ parents were summoned to the school and told about their sons’ actions, one mother was so distraught that she fainted.

The source, who is very familiar with the situation at the school, told iWitness News that over the years the school has had to deal with students engaging in “consensual” sexual activity.

The source, however, said that it is the first time that they are aware of an incident at the school, where a student was forced to perform a sex act on multiple older schoolmates.

Correction: An earlier version of this article, in one instance, said that the students were “classmates” instead of “schoolmates”. We have not determined that they are classmates.

20 replies on “Girl, 12, forced to perform fellatio on 16, 17, 18-y-o schoolmates”

  1. It is should be dealt with in-house as these kinds behaviours need to be stopped, but it is also certainly a matter for the police.

  2. Four of her classmates 16,17,18?? Those not classmates if she 12… But the wrong for doin her that..

  3. Shame on a school principal who deceived to be judge and jury regarding such a serious matter by suggesting settling the matter in house. Very irresponsible suggestion.
    That principal should be fired by not involving the police..
    That 12 year old was forced to preform a sexual act against her will and likely traumatic for her and parent.
    Get the police involve and discipline that principal.

  4. Those boys needs to be giving a good licking with a soaked piss belt as we used to get when growing up. They will never do that again

  5. How the hell are they classmates & the ages are what they are.?

    Dealing with it in house & DEAL with it @ the police station as well.

    To many times these vile nasty disgusting acts are committed against girls & sweeping it under the carpet is what tends to happen.

  6. Beatings only encourages more training in non consent, and forcing others to do your will.
    these children need training, skills and attention to avoid this. community service, therapy to change the mindset and contribute to community, give them better goals than money and sex

  7. nancysauldemers says:

    Surely this is statutory rape and should be dealt with as such. As schoolmates, all these rapists were bound to know her age and so should be prepared to accept the consequences of their actions. At best, this principal should resign for suggesting such a serious matter should be handled “in house.” At the very least, this principal is in need of some serious counselling and close supervision.

  8. The other day it was a father abusing his own daughter. He get off with a slap on the wrist. Now these youth probably heard about that case. This is the follow-up. These youth need guidance, this is really terrible. Investigate the school. Do something because this is unacceptable.

  9. Take warning says:

    There’s no role model for these young people to look up to in this society. They learn by what they see and hear and if the fish head is rotten, then the whole fish is rotten to its tail.

  10. Rae Ferdinand says:

    This is utterly disgusting, that principal should be fired and the matter should be reported to the authorities.

  11. This is rape. What are 16-17-18 year olds doing in a primary school? Gov’t is failing on all levels. You can’t put all students on the same level. Some are more intelligent than others. Some are Phd material others are
    shoe shiner material. The 18 year old should be properly punished, he should know better. All of them should be put in Juvenile Hall for this. If the parents can’t control them the state should get involved. But that probably won’t help cause the problem is too wide spread. This is disgusting.

  12. Let’s investigate whether or not she is the first victim. Let the judge send a strong warning to all child molesters. The Head is Rotten anyways, so everyone else thinks this is mockery.

  13. Hyacinth Slater Harry says:

    Is that principal still on the job?
    I am very concerned about the safety of our kifs on these compound.What type of training does these school leaders get

  14. If this story is true that the boys really forced the girl to do the sex act, that is horrible! I’m sorry that the girl didn’t scream and run away if possible! Even if she consented to the act, that is still terrible for these nasty guys to have a 12 year old girl perform the act on them. They should be dealt with very seriously! Hope the principal learns a lesson for trying to cover up such a serious matter. As others said, deal with it both in school and with the police. The three guys really do not belong in school!

  15. Maybe this principal is a child molester so he rather deal with the matter in house as a cover up because the law plainly stated anyone have sex with anyone under the age of 16 it is rape given the age of the so call students it a matter for police a 12yrs old can’t give consent
    Am recommending this so call principal be investigated

  16. Samantha james says:

    My heart goes out to the parents of.this poor.child you what this can do to this.poor child. Get a lawyer and.go to the police and.the school

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