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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves in a March 11, 2022  Lance Neverson/Facebook photo.
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves in a March 11, 2022 Lance Neverson/Facebook photo.
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is travelling to Venezuela and possibly to Cuba for medical attention, after “an excruciating pain” on his right side kept him awake Thursday night.

Gonsalves, 75, said he received medical attention locally on Friday — Good Friday — but was advised to do a full check up.

He said his initial plan was to travel directly to Cuba, but will go to Venezuela first, because of insistence “from the highest level” in Caracas.

Gonsalves said that he is likely to miss the royal visit on Saturday.

He made the announcement on radio, saying:

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“I wanted, by way of this medium, to indicate that I am going to be travelling to Venezuela and possibly to Cuba for medical attention.

“On Thursday night, I didn’t sleep well. I had an excruciating pain on my right side and I went into the hospital on Good Friday, was attended to and looked after quite well by local doctors and other health personnel.

“But, I was advised to go and do my full check up. I did one last year in July and I was going straight to Cuba but the Venezuelans insisted that I come there. In fact, the insistence is from the highest level. So that’s where I am going today.

“In all probability, I will miss the visit of Prince Edward, Earl of Essex and his wife who are coming to St. Vincent for one day on Saturday,” he said.

The prime minister noted that the royals are coming on behalf of the Queen, who is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee — 70 years on the throne.

He said he has written a letter to the earl, which will be transmitted by the Cabinet Secretary, Kattian Barnwell-Scott.

Gonsalves said:

“I spoke to the governor general. I just wanted to indicate formally, this is the only place over the weekend that I can make the information known to the public. I didn’t just want to go off and persons hearing second hand.”

17 replies on “PM Gonsalves travels to Venezuela for medical attention”

  1. Duke DeArment says:

    I have known people that have had pain on left or right sides within a few months of getting Covid shots. I am not saying this is the case with the PM. You never know.
    There are very few people that can be called “anti-vax”, regardless of what the PM and his disciples call them. Such people are in fact, pro-safety. With all the permanent injury and death caused by the vaccines, we should all be “hesitant” of any medical treatment created without the proper time-consuming testing that takes many years, not months. It is now a known fact that the vaccines do not prevent Covid-19. Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, whom I worked for in the 1980s, is not the only vaccinated person that contracted and died of Covid.

    Unfortunately we have a few politicians in SVG that are still pressuring those that have natural immunity, to take the vaccine. Real science has proven that those with natural immunity rarely ever get Covid again. It is unknown how long, in what individuals, natural immunity will last. We seem to have a very few FAKE medical experts that collude with these “Great Reset” vaccine-pushing politicians. MOST DOCTORS WILL TELL YOU THIS IS FAKE MEDICINE. ..May I add, WITH ROOTS IN A POLITICAL AGENDA(S) BASED ON POWER AND GREED.
    We are living in terrible times right now, and most of the time things are not what they appear to be. If you feel you do not know enough to make a wise judgement, refrain from making it! Do not go with the crowd, fake news or fake science, go with your independent research and thinking.

  2. At least he and his family can fly out when they are sick. The average Vincentian is stuck with the neglected and dilapidated healthcare system they are subjected to.

  3. PM just got back from Dubai. Got […] a heavy flu. Now Maduro is insisting he Come to Venezuela for check up and after that he going to Cuba. Not even Putin, Biden or Pin does make so many trips abroad for personal reasons in such a short space of time, and, they are from rich countries. I wonder what these trips are costing the treasury? After the bus head he went to Bim fo treatment. We all must stupid, deaf and blind.

  4. Kenvil Horne says:

    You damn well accustomed doing it for years but you know now we are not going to sit well with this one . And personally the Royal’s won’t miss you . because you never liked them .

  5. Leaton Chance says:

    Lucky you can afford to go says a lot about the so called great centre we have in Georgetown, let’s not even mention Milton Kato are you getting my drift????? Well I suppose us the lesser people of this island of Saint Vincent&The Grenadines can only use what we have which amounts to Not A Lot…..

  6. initusetnunc says:

    May I suggest this is probably a cowardly story to save the comrade from celebrating the Queens anniversary.

    Remember Venezuela and Cuba are both supporting Putin’s butchering of Ukraine people, as such we should stay well away from such vermin.

  7. How come he didn’t continue his medical treatment at the second to none hospital in the region, r its not second to none for him, Lord have mercy on poor people who can’t even travel to Kingstown more so Venezuela. Anyway I wish hin well

  8. Take warning says:

    So whats the purpose of the smart and state of the art hospitals and diagnostic hospital in svg??

  9. You all are still being fool when will Vincy see the light is like someone blindfold them.
    This trip is nothing but yo get away from the royal visit period.

  10. I listened to Ralph on his medical condition on that programme and for true, he sounded, well, let’s just say, not himself. I empathize with him and wish him the best.

    Now, I have to ask a question. How gullible does Ralph Gonsalves think the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines are? You can fool …

    Ralph cannot have his cake and eat it. If he is telling the truth about going to Venezuela and Cuba to do a full check up, then the boasting about how good our hospitals and medical services are cannot be true as well. One makes the other a lie. He must choose.

    So, if after all his spending, upgrading, and modernizing the medical services, we still cannot get a full check up in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, then our hospitals are not all he cracks them up to be. Lord help us, crapaud go smoke we pipe when our turn comes.

    This brings us right back to the to the bitter grouse – and mister crapaud: our medical services are for the less privileged. Who can fly out, fly out. Even for a check up.

    Why the insistence “from the highest level” – read Maduro – in Caracas to come to Venezuela first? Ralph has a medical issue and is travelling for medical attention. So, I am thinking, maybe “the highest level” knows something about our medical services that we do not know, and is saying, like, don’t go there, come here. I insist.

    Ralph should have let that one slide.

    By going to Venezuela and Cuba for a check up, Ralph is pissing all over the medical establishment, and it is the triumph of disinformation. Only it did not triumph me.

    Despite Douglas Slater’s claim that the MCMH is the best in the world – it isn’t – if it was necessary for the prime minister to go abroad, then it was prudent for him to do so. But there is a litany of excuses the experienced wordsmith could have used other than “a full check up.”

  11. Arrogance and selfobservance prime characteristics of the supreme leader Ralph, if given the opportunity mister would remake himself into a mathematical constant and probably an expansion on the prime numbers. Fortunately for us this is quite impossible in the natural world.

  12. Take warning says:

    Jah kill dem wid diseases , or is it jah kill dem wid pain? is it retribution or is it vengeance ?

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