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Macgyver Allick
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A Vincentian man who was rescued in Jamaican in 2016 after 45 days adrift at sea was shot and killed in Martinique last week.

The circumstances surrounding the death of MacGyver Allick, 31, of Clare Valley, remain unclear, one week after reports of his death first emerged.

His mother, Annette Allick, also of Clare Valley, declined to speak to the media when iWitness News visited the coastal village on Wednesday.

iWitness News understands that one of the deceased man’s friends in Martinique identified his body.

Allick’s death brings to six the number of men from Clare Valley who died tragically last month.

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On Sept. 11, five men from the South Leeward village died when a minivan in which they were travelling overturned in Sandy Bay on their way to a funeral in Owia.

Reports first began circulating in Clare Valley last week Thursday, Sept. 29, that Allick was killed in Martinique.

Our inquiries then, led to media reports out of Martinique that the lifeless body of an unidentified man aged around 30, was discovered in a vehicle in the Anse-Cafard district between Diamant and Anses-d’Arlet, in the south of Martinique, last week Tuesday, Sept. 27 between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.

The corpse, which was in a car in a parking lot, had a head injury that appeared to be a gunshot wound.

In 2016, Allick made national headlines when he survived 45 days adrift at sea even as another occupant of the vessel, another  Vincentian died during the ordeal.

An emaciated Allick was rescued by the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard and taken to that western Caribbean nation.

The men left St. Vincent on June 13, 2016 and the SVG Coast Guard was notified five days later that they had not returned by June 14, 2016, as they had said they would have.

On July 21, 2016, one of MacGyver’s sisters, convinced that he was dead, organised a candlelight vigil in Clare Valley.

But one week later, his mother received word that her son was alive.

Six years later, she would receive a call, this time that her son was murdered in another Caribbean island.

5 replies on “Vincy man rescued in J’ca killed in Martinique”

  1. Such a sad turn of events for this young man and his family. May his mother find peace in this unfortunate and heartbreaking time. May he rest in peace.

  2. When I read the headline I thought he was rescued, got on a plane and headed to Martinique where he was killed. Only when I read the entire story I realized the rescue took place SIX YEARS AGO

  3. A shot to the head? Do you have further details on this? Was this done in the criminal circuit or a robbery gone wrong?

  4. Sending healing energy to his mom. On the flip side, he is no altar boy. The life of a hustler and a drug runner can be very brutal.

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