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Lawyer Grant Connell. (IWN photo)
Lawyer Grant Connell. (IWN photo)

Dwaine Sandy could seek legal recourse against the police for saying last week that he was wanted and should be considered “armed and dangerous”.

Sandy’s lawyer, Grant Connell, said the actions of the police against his client, who was released without charge on Wednesday, after 48 hours in custody, amounts to “damage to his character”.

But Connell also told reporters on Wednesday that while legal avenues are open, he acts on instructions from his clients.

“I have no personal vendetta against anybody. I know what channels we can go down. I can only advise.

“As soon as I receive those instructions and he wants to vent damage done to him in anyway, I will assist and I am sure many brothers and sisters of the fraternity, both locally and throughout the Caribbean, would want to assist,” Connell said.

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Connell further said he was informed that an “outstanding policeman” had on his Facebook page a photo of Sandy emblazoned with the word “captured”.

Connell escorted Sandy to St. Vincent from Grenada on Monday and was met by police at the airport.

“Why not put ‘surrendered’, if you are going that way? Another (post) stated why would a lawyer pervert the course of justice.

“Well, I don’t know if the good man realised that he can be plucked out of cyberspace and brought down to earth to deal with legal ramifications.

“But we will cross that bridge when we reach it,” Connell said.

4 replies on “Police action, Facebook posts re Dwaine Sandy could trigger lawsuits”

  1. I am not at surprised by anything SVG police force do or say, I have been saying now for at least a couple of years, they are out of control.

    Grant Connell is a super fearless young lawyer, willing to take on any section of our administration including the police force and judiciary.

    What does surprise me is that the police didn’t throw a stun grenade into the aircraft when it landed, or shoot the accused on the aircraft steps.

    I hope that this brings about the demise of the Chief of police, it seems the fat man can’t fire him, perhaps he knows to much. Best thing would be to get rid of him and use the usual procedure of giving him an advisory position at twice his current salary.

    1. You made your comment find but why everything you say has to do with calling names, Govt and politics is there something personal going on with you and the Pm any senseable person would think so.

  2. TeacherFang says:

    What legal ramification is Mr Connell speaking of? Surrendered or captured? Isn’t this a matter of perspective? I see no legal ramification here.

    Whether its a question or a statement, to state “why would a lawyer pervert the course of justice” is neither here or there, its an opinion being expressed and nothing malicious.Did the statement specifically refer to Mr Connell by name? Do you know for certain the policeman in question made said statement? I see this as having no legal standing in a court of law. I think Mr Connell is bluffing big time.

    Now, where Mr Sandy has a case for any legal remedy, is if he is indeed proven innocent; he can certainly sue the police for wrongful arrest or false imprisonment or any civil wrongs Mr Connell could come up with, I am just saying.

  3. David Davis says:

    Nothing about this makes any sense.
    In the UK, This would have meant the end of the career of the chief constable involved in the case. Where is the accountability? A young man has been slandered by the police, falsely arrested and from what I understand, physically abused. Yet, no one has been made to resign!
    This is why I will live and die in the UK. Take my advice and get out of SVG while you still can.

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