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Mr. Arnhim Eustace, in regard to the Jozette Bibby-Bowen case, is inferring that only one set of people is held accountable in accordance with the law in Vincy.

I am in full agreement with Mr. Eustace that there seems to be a double standard. It appears that there is a disparity in justice in Vincy, but it is not along the lines of political party. It is along the lines of socio-economic status within the society.

Several individuals that are supporters of both major parties, ULP and the NDP, have reportedly broken the law and have not been prosecuted. Mrs. Jennifer Eustace, wife of Mr. Arnhim Eustace, who reportedly dragged two sheep, which resulted in the death of one, was never charged for a crime under the law against cruelty to animals that was enacted in 1947 and amended in 1988, and she was never prosecuted.

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Nigel “Nature” Stephenson a candidate on the NDP ticket who is running for elected office, drove his vehicle without insurance for several years, even after he was reportedly involved in an accident in Questelles whereby the police in Questelles failed to arrest him.

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Mr. Luke Browne, who is a candidate on the ULP ticket, drove his vehicle for several years without a valid driver’s license and was not charge either. Hans King reportedly used obscene language on Facebook in reference to Jerry S. George and he was not charged with a criminal office, as Ms Jozette Bibby-Bowen was when she used allegedly used obscene language on Facebook.

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Mr. Eustace himself disclosed that he had information about the alleged would be murder of Roger Bramble in Sion Hill. However, he failed to report the information to the police and Mr. Bramble was eventually killed. But, Mr. Eustace was not investigated as to why he withheld information leading to a man’s death.

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As a Vincentian, I am certainly appalled and concerned that there seems to be such a disparity in regard to enforcement of the law whereby, the rich is treated as if they are above the law and only the poor suffers the penalty of the law.

Mr. Eustace, as an elite member within the society certainly benefits from this disparity and therefore, he is not qualified to speak on the behalf of the poor. For him to attempt to frame the disparity as a political one rather than one based on socio-economic status is the most disingenuous and offensive insult to poor people who must pay the price while, rich individuals such as Mrs. Eustace who are an elitist class are not held to account for their behaviour.


Helena R. Edwards

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

3 replies on “Disparity in justice in St. Vincent”

  1. Helena, you forgot to use the word alleged. Because the way you have put the accusations against people assumes they did what you said and are guilty of a crime.

    What you did forget was that Ralph Gonsalves was [accused of] rape, he was [accused of] sexual assault and there were several other claims of sexual assault alleged against him. Yet he never went before a court. There is no statute of limitations in SVG for such and, therefore, I am sure at some time in the future he will stand trial. But you never mentioned that.

    You also failed to mention that Hans King said if he was within reach he would have shot Bryan Alexander. Gonsalves said in his defense that Bryan Alexander should not have made King angry, blamed Alexander for something that King said. That’s not alleged because I heard it.

    There have been allegations about yourself, which you would be annoyed about if they were repeated as if they were fact.

    So get yourself in order and stop being your usual very silly self. It doesn’t matter if someone else said something that was untrue or unproven, or unprovable, if you repeat it again you are liable to be sued.

  2. Helen has moved this subject from Face Book to I-Witness News, so I am including my Face Book reply below:
    Welcome back Helen. You missed one grave discrepancy: The alleged rape of a police woman and the alleged attempt rape of the Canadian: Plus the [response] by the DPP and the so-called commissioner of police. Yes dear, these are all issues we have to address in the election debate. I believe Arnhim still comes out much cleaner than your buddy Ralph. Why do you avoid talking about the alleged rape and the way Vincentian women are treated, all because men saw that the PM case never made it through the halls of justice? Do a rewrite and add all these issues and then I am with you.
    Helen replied, “the case went to the legal authorities and was dismissed or thrown out by the DPP”. I don’t buy this argument, not with this […] DPP in SVG. I would have preferred to see the PM defend himself in court, not through a march organized by the minister of education.

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